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From Reluctance to Passion

When I received a call asking me to help start a drug testing company in Longview, Texas, over 30 years ago, I could not say “No, thank you” fast enough. I had no clue about drugs, and I definitely knew nothing about testing for drugs. However, with much persuasion, I accepted, and the rest is history. Looking back at the many challenges I experienced as a new business owner, careerwoman, and single parent with two small children, I can honestly say I’m so blessed that the Lord gave me a career that is never boring, always new, and challenging every day. The sky’s the limit for learning and education. I never felt like I was coming to work, but I woke up daily looking forward to another new adventure. You just cannot get luckier than that in life.


The Pursuit of Excellence in Drug Testing

My first rental office had one secretary, two phones, and one bathroom, and if you were over 5’7”, you had to duck your head. (Those were the good old days!) In my first year, I figured out very quickly that I needed all the education I could get to be successful in this business. So, I flew to Washington D.C. and became a charter member of SAPAA (Substance Abuse Professional Administration Association), which was the first association developed for third-party administrators in the drug testing industry.


DATCS–Empowering a Drug-Free Future

Today, as a Certified Woman Owned Business (WBE) and Texas HUB (HUB) – I am devoting my life, time, and energy to creating a drug-free environment for our schools and businesses. Then, we can give our future generation a reason to say “No” to drugs so that they can live in a safe and productive world. DATCS is now one of the largest third-party administrators in the United States, with over 10,000 collection site partners, 4 branch locations, and over 35 wonderful and dedicated employees. 


Leading the Charge: DATCS’s Commitment to Excellence and Global Expansion 

DATCS has become the only educators and trainers in our field to offer the first Master Collector Training Class in the United States. I’m so proud of our training department. The success of this corporation comes from the dedicated past and present employees who were committed to exceptional customer service and from the mom-and-pop companies that trusted me to serve their drug testing needs. Our goal is to be an International corporation that can help countries around the globe kick off their drug testing businesses the right way as DATCS moves forward in the next quarter century of service. Thank you for your time as you review our services, and please call or email for any questions or needs that you may have.


Connie D. Hagen,
President/CEO DATCS

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