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Connie Hagen started her career in the mid 90s when a drug testing company based in Houston, Texas, hired her to develop a drug testing company in Longview, Texas. Connie was determined to offer the best customer service to her clients, so she went to Washington, D.C., where she became a charter member of SAPAA (Substance Abuse Professional Administration Association), an organization created for third party program administrators in the drug testing industry.

Connie was the former marketing research director for a national magazine called Drug Testing News, published in Austin, Texas. While in that position, she coordinated material for an episode of the CBS TV series called “Eye to Eye with Connie Chung.” That episode, “How Some Drivers with the Department of Transportation were trying to beat a Drug Test,” aired on national TV.

Connie provides training and education for supervisors who are required by the Department of Transportation in recognizing the indicators of substance abuse in the workplace and how to handle a reasonable suspicion when suspected. She is also an active member of DATIA(Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association).

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DATCS knows that organizations often have questions regarding billing, accounts payable, invoices and bookkeeping. The DATCS Accounting Department is efficient, highly skilled and always ready to support DATCS clients and vendors with excellent service. Please direct any inquiries to or call 903-234-1136.

Customer Service Department

The Customer Service Department exists to handle any customer concerns, help with logistical issues, answer customer’s questions, direct customers to solutions for problems and program needs and to assist organizations in setting up their drug and alcohol testing programs. Customer service is the heart of DATCS and its “above and beyond” service for customers and prospective customers. We also assist with background checks and compliance issues so that all of your needs can be met with a single call or email.
Background checks can be vital to an organization so let us provide you with accurate and comprehensive information.
Staying in compliance with the DOT can be confusing but with more than 30 years of experience, we know the ins and outs of the DOT and what it takes to remain in compliance. We also maintain current knowledge and watch for new trends and new rules or regulations that exist with the DOT, and other federal agencies. For customer service, backgrounds, and/or compliance, contact us by phone or email. (903) 234-1136


The Reporting Department is responsible for reporting all test results to our clients. We often act as a liaison between our clients, the labs, the Medical Review Officer (Doctor), and all collection sites that collect for us. The Reporting Department is responsible for resolving all issues concerning tests and responding to questions/inquiries by our clients. We strive to resolve all matters as quickly as possible for our DATCS customers! Contact us at or (903) 234-1136



DATCS is one of the most highly qualified organizations in the country for Drug and alcohol test collection training.  We offer a variety of training courses to meet your needs no matter your role in the testing industry.

Have questions? Feel free to contact our trainer at 903-234-1136 or their training email for questions, concerns, and scheduling.


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