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Meet the DATCS Trainers

Justin Kyle - Master Trainer/Regional Manager

Justin Kyle, Regional Manager for DATCS and Master Trainer for Drug & Alcohol Testing Compliance Services (DATCS), has completed his certification to become a Lifeloc Certified Master Trainer (C-LMT) and most recently, a DATIA Regional Certified Collector Trainer (R-CPCT). To obtain these credentials, Justin was first trained as a Department of Transportation (DOT) compliant professional collector for drug and alcohol samples and a DATIA certified DOT Trainer.

Justin has been employed by DATCS since August 2011 and was quickly promoted to Collection Site Manager for Longview and collector trainer for DATCS’ other locations in Tyler, Wichita Falls and Bossier City, LA. Justin’s education in chemical dependency along with his high standards for adhering to DOT protocol enables him to be an excellent motivator and trainer. In 2013 he developed and implemented an extensive training/audit program that includes recognizing synthetic urine and conducted formal audits on several collection protocols. Since 2013 he has taught over 75 DOT urine classes and has trained over 80 collectors in many different collection protocols including hair, nail, and saliva.

Currently, Justin is 1 of 15 C-LMT’s in the United States and has developed a Master Collector Training that includes identifying synthetic urine. In 2016, Justin’s Synthetic urine recognition study was the topic of a News Special from the KLTV station as well as other media and Labs. At this time, he have successfully trained multiple individuals. Justin has also had multiple papers published in DATIA prestigious official publication “Focus” and is currently a R-CPCT for DATIA.

Connie Hagen - President

Connie Hagen started her career in the drug testing industry in the early 90’s where she flew to Washington, D.C. and became a charter member of SAPAA (Substance Abuse Professional Administration Association), which was the first organization created for third party program administrators in the drug testing industry.

Connie is the former marketing research director for a national magazine called Drug Testing News, published in Austin, Texas. While in that position, she coordinated material for an episode for the CBS TV series called “Eye to Eye with Connie Chung”. That episode, “How some drivers with the Department of Transportation were trying to beat a drug test,” aired on national television.

Not only is Connie an active member of DATIA (Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association), SAPAA, BBB, WBENC (Women’s Business Enterprise National Council), but she also supports numerous Chambers of Commerce throughout Texas.

For over 27 years, Connie has been providing training and education for supervisors in recognizing the indicators of substance abuse in the workplace and how to handle a reasonable suspicion the correct way. This training is mandatory for DERs (Designated Employer Representatives) for all DOT programs.




Target Audience:DOT Regulated Industries
Purpose This training provides services to help employers meet the DOT supervisor’s training requirements developed by the U.S. Department of Transportation for safety sensitive employees and those driving commercial vehicles. What to Expect This 3 hour course covers a comprehensive scope of topics. These include:

  • Overview of the DOT’S revised Drug & Alcohol procedures
  • Effects of Alcohol/Drug use
  • Procedures and intervention guidelines for reasonable suspicion
  • Circumstances under which an employee is tested
  • Consequences of Violations

Experienced Trainer Connie Hagen, President of Drug & Alcohol Testing Compliance Services, has over 20 years experience as a DOT compliance consultant and trainer for all types of supervisors. Ms. Hagen uses this classroom training program to create an interactive learning environment with discussion and exercises in each area. Supervisors are encouraged to ask any compliance questions they have concerning their Drug & Alcohol programs.

Supervisor Training Flyer


FREE DER (Designated Employee Representative) TRAINING

Free DER (Designated Employee Representative) Training for all DATCS customers.

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This is a course designed to comply with US Department of Transportation’s regulations pertaining to collectors.

  • 8-hour course
  • Follows 49 CFR Part 40 procedures
  • Basic and proficiency training
  • Shows how to maintain site security and integrity
  • Mock collections per DOT requirements
  • 3 certification upon completion

DOT Urine Collector Training - $600


This course covers DOT breath alcohol testing regulations.

  • 8-hour course
  • Prepares Breath Alcohol Technicians (BAT’s) for 49CFR Part 40 procedures
  • Mock collections per DOT
  • LifeLoc machines used in training
  • LifeLoc machines available for purchase
  • 2 certifications upon completion

Breath Alcohol Training - $600


This training is on DOT saliva alcohol collections.

  • 2-hour course
  • Prepares STT for 49CFR Part 40 procedures
  • Mock collections per DOT
  • 2 certifications upon completion

DOT STT (Screening Test Technician) Training - $150


This training is required if the collector makes an error that causes a DOT drug test or alcohol test to be cancelled under any circumstance. Per regulations this training must occur within 30 days of the date you were notified of the error that led to the need for retraining.



This is a 4-6 hour refresher training course for Urine Collections, Breath Alcohol, and Screening Test Technicians must be taken no less than every 5 years.



This course shows how testing can detect the presence of drugs immediately after usage.

  • 2-hour course
  • Covers testing results for time frame parameters
  • Mock collections per lab requirements
  • 3 certifications upon completion

Oral Fluid Collection Training - $150


This is a training course designed to show collectors how to properly collect and secure the integrity of a hair sample.

  • 4-hour course
  • Covers time frame parameters for results
  • Shows other areas used for collection of hair
  • Mock collections per lab requirements
  • 4 certifications upon completion

Hair Collection Training - $300


This training is designed to show collectors how to properly collect and secure the integrity of a nail sample.

  • 2-hour course
  • Covers detection period
  • Shows detection period for toe nail samples
  • Mock collections per lab requirements

Nail Collection Training - $150


This is training on collecting a DNA sample.

  • 2-hour course
  • Covers court admissible and non-court admissible testing
  • Shows the science behind DNA testing
  • Mock collections per lab requirements
  • 1 certification upon completion

DNA Collection Training - $150


This is training on the signs and symptoms of drug and alcohol misuse.

  • 2-hour course
  • Educates supervisors on how to identify signs and indicators of impairment
  • Covers “Reasonable Suspicion” circumstances
  • Is DOT required for at least one supervisor per organization

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This training is on the signs and symptoms of drug and alcohol misuse.

  • 2-hour course
  • Educates supervisors on identifying circumstances, signs and indicators for “Reasonable Suspicion” in non-regulated employees

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This course is designed for collectors who strive for excellence, with the desire to set themselves apart.

  • 6 Hour course 
  • Broad look at advantages and disadvantages of each matrix
  • Focus on “what if” situations and misconceptions
  • In depth with do’s and don’ts of starting out in the industry
  • Formal coverage of recognizing synthetic urine
  • 1 certificate upon completion

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Master Collector Course - $450

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