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Drug Testing in Longview, Texas

Longview, TX

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DATCS has been providing drug testing and alcohol testing services for over 30 years. If you’re looking for accurate drug tests, fast turnaround times, and complete privacy, contact us today. Spectacular Service. Rapid results. Accurate answers. Learn More

Call Us: (903) 234-1136

Pre-Employment Drug Testing

Protect your business. Schedule pre-employment drug testing in Longview, TX.

Background Checks

Need to schedule a background check for a new team member in Longview? Contact us today.

DOT Compliance

We offer DOT drug tests and alcohol testing in the Longview area to keep your drivers compliant.

School Drug Testing

Random drug tests at school are a proven deterrent. Schedule yours today.

Drug Test Training Courses

We offer a variety of drug & alcohol test certifications. Become a collector today.

DNA Testing

Contact us for paternal DNA testing, maternal DNA testing, immigration DNA testing, and much more.

Alcohol Testing

Secure peace of mind with our reliable alcohol testing in Longview, TX, ensuring safety and responsibility in every corner of the Piney Woods.

24/7 Mobile Testing

Get reliable results wherever you are. Our convenient and accurate 24/7 mobile testing services will help you get the answers you need–fast.

Saliva Testing

Get accurate and confidential results you can trust with our comprehensive saliva testing.

Nail & Hair Testing

We use non-invasive hair drug testing methods on employees, students, and children.

Court Ordered Testing

We perform thousands of court-ordered drug tests annually: hair, urine, fingernail, and saliva.



Need to schedule a drug test in Longview, TX?

Ensuring the safety and integrity of your team is paramount, and we at DATCS understand that.

When you’re ready to schedule a drug test in Longview, TX, reach out to us for personalized support, swift service, and reliable results.

We’re more than just a testing facility; we’re your partners in fostering a safe and productive environment.

Contact DATCS in Longview today — we’re here to assist you every step of the way because your peace of mind is our priority.

Call Us: (903) 234-1136

Who Needs Drug and Alcohol Testing in Longview, TX? 

Longview, TX, is a city with a diverse economic landscape. Some of the significant industries that demand drug and alcohol testing in this region include:

Oil and Gas Industry

 Longview is situated in the heart of East Texas oil fields, and the oil and gas industry remains a significant employer in the area. This industry often requires rigorous drug and alcohol testing due to the high-risk nature of the work.

Healthcare Facilities 

Hospitals, clinics, and care facilities in Longview require drug and alcohol testing to ensure patient safety and the reliability of healthcare professionals.

Transportation and Logistics 

With Longview’s strategic location, the transportation sector is robust, necessitating compliance with Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations, which include strict drug and alcohol testing protocols.


The manufacturing companies in Longview such as Eastman Chemical COmpany, Komatsu Mining Corp, Trinity Industries, and General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies typically has a drug and alcohol policy in place to ensure a safe and productive work environment

 also demands regular drug and alcohol testing to maintain safety standards.


The construction industry, with its inherent risks and need for alertness, commonly requires drug and alcohol testing to promote a safe work environment.


School districts may require testing for employees, especially those in safety-sensitive positions or involved in athletics, to ensure a safe and drug-free educational environment.

Retail and Hospitality 

Large retail chains and hospitality businesses in Longview may implement drug and alcohol testing policies as part of their employment processes to ensure a safe and productive workplace.

Each of these industries carries its own set of risks and regulatory requirements, often making drug and alcohol testing an integral part of their operational protocols.

Reviews from Longview Customers 

“DATCS is Our Only Pre-Employment / Random Drug Testing Facility”

“As a DER of a local transportation company, we have used DATCS as our ONLY pre-employment/random drug testing facility for more than 10 years. We have found the wait times to be almost nonexistent, the staff professional, and ALWAYS going the extra mile. They have assisted me on more than occasion after an accident, finding testing facilities in the middle of nowhere TEXAS.

When necessary they have come to our rescue personally, AFTER HOURS to make sure we stay compliant.”

–Laura Farrrell

 “Collection Teams Are Top Notch”

I am a Safety Administrator of a pipeline inspection company and work hand in hand with DATCS on a daily basis, the compliance and collection teams are top notch. Each employees is very knowledgeable and always happy to help when I call (even when I call multiple times in a row).

–Mallory Bennett

“Makes My Job Easier”

“Very little wait time and sure to verify information. Mountain Supply and Service has had a partnership with DATCS for about 7 years now and any time I call to request help or information (Awesome) Brandi and Beth are on the ball with a quick response. Makes my job easier!”

–Walt Smith

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