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Drug Testing in Tyler, Texas

Tyler, TX

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Rest easy knowing your drug and alcohol testing is in expert hands. At DATCS, we’re more than a service—we’re your partner in delivering rapid, crystal-clear results. With over three decades of experience, we assure you of speed without sacrificing accuracy or confidentiality.

Demand the best. Choose a service that promises quick, precise results with the utmost privacy. Looking for a smooth testing process? Raise the bar with DATCS.

For unmatched quality that keeps pace with your needs, give us a call.

We ensure reliable findings, quick results, and total discretion. Learn More

Call Us: (903) 234-1136

Pre-Employment Drug Testing

Ensure a safe, compliant workforce in Tyler, TX with DATCS’s efficient pre-employment drug testing services – call us now for your new hire testing needs.

Background Checks

Secure your business with thorough background checks from DATCS – your first step in making informed, safe hiring decisions.

DOT Compliance

Maintain DOT compliance and road safety with DATCS’s reliable DOT drug testing services in Tyler, TX, for your company and drivers.

School Drug Testing

Your students deserve a safe, drug free learning environment. Schedule high school drug testing today.

Drug Test Training Courses

Become a urine collector or start a drug testing business. Sign up for our certification courses.

DNA Testing

We offer maternal & paternal DNA testing, infidelity DNA testing, immigration DNA testing, and more.

24/7 Mobile Drug Testing

Ensure the safety and compliance of your workplace around the clock with our reliable 24/7 drug testing services. We’re always ready when you need us.

Court Ordered Drug Testing

Our trusted court-ordered drug testing services are tailored for precision and compliance.

Nail and Hair Drug Testing

Get detailed insights into long-term substance use with the accurate and extended detection window of our hair and nail drug testing services.

Alcohol Testing

Ensure a safer, alcohol-free environment with our comprehensive alcohol testing services, designed for accuracy and reliability.

Saliva Testing

Choose DATCS for quick and non-invasive saliva testing services that deliver on-the-spot and accurate drug detection.


        Need to schedule a drug test in Tyler, TX?

        Contact DATCS in Tyler today. We’re happy to help.

        Call Us: (903) 234-1136

        Industries that Need Accurate Drug and Alcohol Testing in Tyler, TX

        Accurate drug and alcohol testing isn’t just a regulatory formality; it’s a cornerstone of workplace safety, productivity, and compliance.

        DACTS partners with various industries that bear the responsibility of maintaining safe and sober work environments.

        These are some of the key sectors where precision in testing is non-negotiable.

        • Transportation and Logistics 
        • Healthcare 
        • Construction 
        • Manufacturing 
        • Education 
        • Government 

        In Tyler, TX, DATCS stands as a trusted partner for all these industries, ensuring that drug and alcohol testing is handled with the utmost accuracy and professionalism, safeguarding workplaces and the wider community alike.

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