Experience Matters: 35 Years of Expertise in Testing Services

For over three decades, our drug and alcohol testing company has been the cornerstone of safety and compliance for businesses nationwide. With our extensive experience and proven track record, we offer unmatched reliability and accuracy in our testing services. Companies can trust us to provide comprehensive solutions tailored to their needs, ensuring a drug-free workplace environment and mitigating risks associated with substance abuse. Our commitment to excellence, coupled with our dedication to customer satisfaction, makes us the ideal choice for companies and indivduals seeking peace of mind.

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Drug Testing

Drug testing services play a vital role in safeguarding workplace productivity and fostering community safety by helping ensure individuals are free from the influence of harmful substances.

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Alcohol Testing

Promote workplace safety with our alcohol testing services, ensuring a secure and productive environment for employees across the country.

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Training Courses

Elevate your skills and ensure workplace safety with our comprehensive training courses for drug and alcohol testing.

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Department of Transportation (DOT) Compliance

DOT compliance services are essential for workplaces to ensure safety on the roads and maintain regulatory standards, keeping employees and the public protected.

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24/7 Mobile Testing

At DATCS, we provide mobile alcohol testing and drug screening services for everyone, whether they’re regulated by DOT or not, all across Texas and the United States.

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Saliva Testing

Easily administered and non-invasive, saliva testing services provide workplaces with a quick and reliable method to detect drug use among employees, fostering a safe and productive work environment.

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Hair Testing

Hair testing services provide a comprehensive and reliable method to detect drug use over an extended period, offering employers valuable insights for maintaining a safe and drug-free workplace.

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Nail Testing

Nail testing services offer a unique and effective way to detect drug use, providing employers with accurate insights into an individual’s substance history for informed hiring decisions.

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School Testing

Drug and alcohol testing for high schools helps ensure a safe and healthy learning environment, empowering students to make positive choices and succeed.

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DNA Testing

DNA testing services are vital for unlocking insights into ancestry, health risks, and familial connections, empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their lives.

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Background Checks

Background check services provide peace of mind by verifying the credentials and history of individuals, helping employers make informed decisions.

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Audit Testing

DATCS is committed to understanding the safety needs of oil and gas operators and ensuring compliance with their specific program requirements.

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Nicotine Testing

Stay informed with our nicotine testing services, providing accurate insights into tobacco usage for individuals of all ages.

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Court Ordered Testing

Ensure compliance and accountability with our court-ordered drug and alcohol testing services, providing reliable monitoring for legal requirements.