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“I’ve been using DATCS for all our onsite drug screen for the past 4 years. I will say Brandi and Elisha has been very professional and helpful with any and all questions or requests. They even keep me updated on when our randoms are coming up. I can’t say enough about this office!”

“I have a large fleet that covers from New England to Florida and out across Texas and OK in my main areas. I bring in employees from across the United States in as drivers and non-driver and I get the same service from DATCS…. Which is untouchable! I have worked with many T/CP in my 20 years as a Safety Director and A&D Compliance Director and I have never had the experience I have when working with everyone at DATCS. Their professionalism and knowledge is unsurpassed. Best choice I have made as a Safety Director for a C/TP that takes a burden, the weight of regulation and breaks it down so that I know that my program is complaint without hesitation.”

Tammy Carter
BHI Energy, T&D Energy

“I work for ETOS INC. Datcs has been very helpful and awesome to work with. You can call them with a question and if they don’t the answer they will get with there team of people and get back with you in a timely manner. I want to thank you Brandi for all you do for our company.”

Bill Pannell

“This group is great. I was new to administering drug testing so I had a lot of questions. We have offices in different states and they’ve been so helpful. They’re pleasant to work with and whenever I have questions they answer them immediately. I have to give a big shout out to Brandi because she’s exceptional. Thanks for all your help.”

Debbie Rogers

“The people at DATCS are awesome to work with, always going above and beyond what they need to. You can call them anytime and talk to a friendly person, always willing to help. Would highly recommend for any drug testing or background check needs you may have.”

K Ivy

“Fabulous place! They are all very attentive and make sure you are taken care of quickly and efficiently!”

Callie Craig


Kelly Mims

“My family and I have been using the drug testing place downtown for advice and needs for decades but these guys over on swparkway are phenomenal. They are very fast you never have to wait and are very polite also the customer service was great. The manager Jerard was very courteous, very professional and very knowledgeable. My family and I will start using them for all of our needs. The prices were better along with the better service a win win!”

Michael Langely

“Great service and response time. The DATCS team is always on top of things and makes sure we are compliant while keeping the confidentiality and integrity of our employees #1.”

Michael Stanford


Kelly Mims

“Datcs is a very professional and friendly company to utilize for the drug tests that we require. Not only do we use them as a random drug screening facility, but a pre-employment screening facility as well. The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful to the company designees and to the employees who have to go to the facility for a drug screen. As a manager, I appreciate the ease of working hand and hand with Datcs. Most importantly, the credibility of Datcs’ policies and procedures endure the queries concerning their reliability. Datcs is highly recommend for any company needing any of the offered services.”

Theresa Giles

“DATCS–Hands down the best care you could ask for! They have handled our company-wide drug & alcohol testing program, here in Longview, since January 2011 and has been a great help at keeping our company DOT compliant. The staff is caring and professional. Most of my dealings have been with Brandi Jordon. She is EXTREMELY proficient and has always been willing to go above and beyond what’s asked of her without any hesitation. Not to mention, she’s always a delight to talk to! Drug & Alcohol Testing Compliance of Longview has been a great asset to our company and I would definitely recommend their services.”

Staci McRae

“I am a business consultant specializing in the motor carrier industry. I have moved many of my clients to DATCS for drug testing and MVR/Background services. I know that the service DATCS provides will make me look like a rock star for referring them. Brandi Jordan is an absolute GEM and is usually my go to girl, because I swear I get a response from her before I can even click “send” on my question! Their emergency testing for accidents is quick and priced fairly. I have been working with DATCS for many years and expect I will continue for many to come.”

Lisa Reinking
Perfecting Profits LLC

“I’ve had nothing but great experiences with DATCS. In particular I had a driver who suffered a medical emergency while driving and when I reached out to DATCS on help with drug and alcohol post accident testing requirements, they were right there to guild me on making a sound decision. That is only one of the many great experiences and help the staff there has given me.”

Ray Lucas

“We have been with Drug and Alcohol Testing and Compliance since 2005. I cannot imagine trusting anyone else with our Drug and Alcohol compliance. Connie and her team are the best at what they do. Brandi Jordan is my number one liason keeping me current, in compliance and in some cases, sane. I truly cannot praise them enough for all they do for us here at TMS Delivery, Inc. in Tyler, Tx.”

Tarisa Klaus

“A.L. Helmcamp, Inc. has used DATCS for years and they are always so helpful and willing to go above and beyond to help in anyway they can!”

Anjela Wietzikoski

“As a FMCSA/DOT Expert I have found no better group of professionals to handle your mandated needs in this arena. Knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and actually places your interests first.”

Michael Riley

“The staff at DATCS is simply great, I have been using their services for over 5 years and Brandi and the rest of the staff has always gone above and beyond to help with any compliance issues that I have had. I highly recommend them for all drug and alcohol compliance issues.”

Charles Ross

DATCS is a highly experienced company with a wealth of knowledge…they are quick to answer any questions that I have and are always friendly and courteous. I highly recommend them for all of your drug and alcohol testing needs, they are truly experts in their field.

Renee Cravens

I am the DER of D&G Directional Drilling Inc and have 50+ employees and could not ask for a better team to work with .. I have used their services for 5 years and NEVER let us down .. The BEST in Texas .. Very helpful and polite .. More like family ..

Jerry Horstmann

I am the DER for Del Zotto Products of Texas and I have been dealing with DATCS for over 10 years. They are so easy to work with and always make sure we are up to date on our randoms! They are very accommodating on scheduling their visits when it is convenient for us and give us fast and accurate results! I recommend them highly!

Diane Wahoviak

Very professional. Knowledgeable regarding DOT and Drug Free Workplace Policies. Simply the best! The Account Representative, Brandi Jordan is a true professional, and provides excellent service.

Dwayne Cox

As a DER of a local transportation company, we have used DATCS as our ONLY pre-employment/random drug testing facility for more than 10 years. We have found the wait times to be almost nonexistent, the staff professional, and ALWAYS going the extra mile. They have assisted me on more than occasion after an accident, finding testing facilities in the middle of nowhere TEXAS. When necessary they have come to our rescue personally, AFTER HOURS to make sure we stay compliant.

Laura Farrell

I love working with the staff from DATCS- they go above and beyond to make sure everything is up to date for our company and they accommodate any schedule conflicts we may have. The staff is very friendly and helpful with any matter. I recommend working with this company.

Amanda Saenz

The company I work for has been with DATCS for the last 15+ years and I have nothing but good things to say for them. The employees are very professional and Brandi in the DOT Compliance department is always my go to person for any and all DOT Drug and Alcohol testing questions. They handle all my testing requirements and the on-site collection service really helps me to stay in compliance with federal testing regulations. The service they provide is fast and accurate and having on-line test results available, it makes it so much easier for me to do my job. I would very highly recommend them for all your regulated and non-regulated testing needs. Thanks DATCS for all the help!!

Angela Ybarra

DATCS has Always been very helpful, Brandi J is AWESOME !! She always go out of her way to help me when I call about my Randoms or need help with there web sit. They are always polite and laughing with me when I call. Our company has used them for over 5 years now and I would highly recommend DATCS for any of your DOT Compliance/Drug & Alcohol Testing

Melinda Wray

Very little wait time and sure to verify information. Mountain Supply and Service has had a partnership with DATCS for about 7 years now and any time I call to request help or information, (Awesome) Brandi and Beth is on the ball with a quick response. Makes my job easier!

Walt Smith

The employees here are super friendly and easy to work with! I would suggest using them for any drug testing needs you may have. Brandi Jordan is one of the friendliest employees and I love dealing with her!

Lacey Barrett

Over the last decade, the transportation industry has become one of most heavily regulated sections of commerce in the country.  We at Dynamic Freight Carriers Inc., have trusted Drug & Alcohol Testing Compliance Services since the beginning to handle all of our pre-employment screenings as well as serving as our DOT approved consortium.  From drug screens to background checks to state and federal filings, we trust in the integrity and knowledge of all the employees at DATCS.  With their extensive network of testing sites across the country, it allows us to expand our recruitment to other areas normally not available to us.  In doing so, we can hire the best candidates that will continue to not only meet but to exceed our customer’s needs and demands.  We have no doubt that as we continue to grow and expand, DATCS shall play a pivotal role in our continued success.

Miguel Bustos
Operations Manager
Dynamic Freight Carriers Inc.

I first came in contact with DATCS 28 years ago when I started my own business. For the last 5 years, I have worked more directly with DATCS and have grown into what I would refer to as a very beneficial relationship. The professionalism is un-matched, their work system is very customer friendly. The trust and reliability has proven to be of the highest level, and to my company this is something we depend on greatly. The staff is always just a call away no matter what the need or how far out the question. The work load H.R. Managers endure is tremendous at times and I am very thankful for my friends at DATCS for their help.

James Scott
Safety Director, Basin Drilling, Tyler, TX

I am a DER for a pipeline integrity company that has been using DATCS for 7 years. This is a Great Team! They take care of all our drug and alcohol compliance and always seem happy to help! Our company deals with ever changing compliance in our industry and Brandi is always on top of her game and willing to educate me as well. I appreciate all their help and highly recommend this company!

Sharon Mosley

H&W Industrial Services has been in a partnership with DATCS for over twenty years. They are always ready to help with anything we need, including coming to our office location for testing or office flu shots. Their staff is knowledgeable with the most up to date information; willing to go the extra mile to help. I highly recommend!

Margaret Story – Vice President of Internal Operations.
H&W Industrial Services, Inc.

I have been a DER for 5 years and DATCS has provided me with the absolute best customer service. The staff is friendly and ready to help with all my compliance needs from drug and alcohol testing to DOT. Brandi Jordon answers all my questions in a very timely manner and is a joy to work with.

Raymond Lee 

“The personnel with DATCS are first class professionals. They are where they need to be, when they need to be there. DATCS employees always have AAON’s best interest in mind while providing very expedient, accurate testing and results. Whether your company requires DOT compliance, pre-employment, random, or “just cause”, DATCS can and will deliver the results you need!”

Connie Shore
Safety Coordinator, AAON Coil Products, Longview, TX

We have used Drug & Alcohol Testing in our athletic and extracurricular drug testing for many years. They have been a tremendous asset in keeping our athletes safe and drug free. The entire purpose of our drug testing program is not only to identify and help athletes but our main goal is to give our athletes a reason to say no to drugs and compete drug free. DATCS has been a big part of that. Their staff is always friendly and helpful. They always conduct themselves in a professional manner and…

Jeff Davis
Head Athletic Trainer, Hallsville ISD, Hallsville, TX

“Drug testing was the best thing that every happened to me. Testing helped me stop an employee from literally destroying my business. DATCS gave me quick, efficient and effective service. They helped me save my business.”

Ken Wells
Berry Family Pools of Tyler, Inc – Tyler, TX

At Priefert we pride ourselves on having a high standard of excellence for our customers, our products, and our employees. DATCS quality helps us extend our high standards. They have provided Priefert with top-notch service on our DOT drug testing program as well as policy development and training. I would recommend them to anyone who needs help in developing and implementing a turn-key drug and alcohol testing program without leaving East Texas.

F.R. (Ron) Withers, Jr., Ph.D., CSP

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