Clearinghouse, ARE YOU READY?

Dec 20, 2019

Starting January 6, 2020, employers will be required to query the Clearinghouse for current and prospective employees’ drug and alcohol violations before permitting those employees to operate a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) on public roads and employers will be required to annually query the Clearinghouse for each driver they currently employ.

The Clearinghouse rule requires all FMCSA-regulated employers, Medical Review Officers (MROs), Substance Abuse Professionals (SAPs), consortia/third party administrators (C/TPAs), and other service agents to report to the Clearinghouse information related to violations of the drug and alcohol regulations in 49 Code of Federal Regulations, parts 40 and 382 by current and prospective employees.

If you have not registered yet, please follow the link below to remain compliant with the new Clearinghouse rule and create a user account to ensure you are ready on January 6, 2020. How to register for FMCSA Clearinghouse Download instructions to register as a:
CDL Driver(includes CLP drivers)

Here at DATCS, we want to make sure you are ready!


  • All queries require driver consent and there are different types of consent depending on the query type.
  • CDL drivers must register for the Clearinghouse to provide consent and review their own records.
  • Each query costs $1.25 unless you purchase an unlimited query plan.

The first step of the CDL Clearinghouse registration process is to log into (FMCSA PORTAL – Click here) in order to give permission to the Clearinghouse website to access the portal account data

Accounts Request Accounts Request – Click here
User Management User Management – Click here

Please call your DATCS customer service team at 903-234-1136 or email with any questions.