10 Reasons Why Companies Count On Us

The most important reason our clients do business with us is because we care.

Drug and Alcohol Testing Compliance Services, Inc. (DATCS) has been in the business of drug detection and workplace protection for over 35 years. When DOT regulations were passed in 1989, Connie Hagen, President of DATCS, flew to Washington D.C. to become one of the first charter members of the first third party program administration ever developed for the drug testing industry, and the rest is history.

DATCS provides services to more than 1,500 companies and does over 50,000 drug tests per year. With a national collection site database, DATCS can do drug testing locally, regionally, statewide and nationally. Specializing in managing companies subject to U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and its drug and alcohol testing regulations, DATCS has one of the largest Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) consortiums in Texas and Louisiana. DATCS’s clients range from individuals on up to very large corporations, especially those that fall under State and Federal regulations. As a leader in this field, DATCS offers expert program management, expertise in the compliance arena, and a staff educated in DOT rules, regulations, and procedures.

Mission Statement

DATCS is committed to delivering the highest quality customer service, with the most accurate and timely drug screenings. This commitment ensures that a client will be provided all the tools needed to increase employee productivity, and DATCS can help any organization save thousands of dollars, by working towards a safe and drug-free workplace. When dependability counts, DATCS is the only choice.

“Do it Right or Not at All!”

1. DATCS Knowledge and Experience: It Makes All the Difference

Established in 1989, Drug and Alcohol Testing Compliance Services (DATCS) is the industry’s exceptional leader in creating and maintaining drug-free work environments for schools and businesses.

With over 35 years of experience, DATCS has grown into one of the largest third party administrators in the drug testing industry. DATCS is the only TPA in the United States that offers a Master Collector Class with 21 certifications.

DATCS’s strength is knowledge and experience.

2. Nationwide Coverage 24/7

DATCS has partnered with over 10,000 collection sites so we can better serve our national accounts. DATCS clients can:

✔ Order tests on-line

✔ Take advantage of DOT and NON-DOT paperless custody control forms that provide easier and faster turnaround, especially when time and money are crucial.

✔ Obtain post-accident assistance wherever accidents occur.

✔ Call an emergency number and reach a certified collector who will find a qualified collection site near your location.

3. DOT Compliance Management

DATCS Compliance Department is comprised of a friendly staff with years of experience and specialized training. We have the knowledge and ability to keep your company in compliance by following the procedures required by 49 CFR Part 40 for conducting workplace drug and alcohol testing. We offer compliance services for each of the DOT agencies: FMCSA, PHMSA, FTA, FAA, FRA, and USCG.

DATCS has one of the largest FMCSA consortia and PHMSA consortia in the United States. All members are kept in compliance with DOT federal and state guidelines. All members have access to:

✔ DOT compliant written policy

✔ Certificate of enrollment

✔ Statistical data reports

✔ Compliance education

✔ Medical Review Officer (MRO) services

✔ SAMHSA certified laboratories

✔ Quality control management

✔ Receive and view alcohol and drug test results

✔ Testing (Random, Pre-Employment, Post-Accident, Reasonable Suspicion, Return-To-Duty, and Follow-Up)

4. Testing Results On-Line

✔ View and print drug and alcohol results 24/7

✔ DOT/NON-DOT Paperless Chain of Custody Forms

✔ Search employee testing history

✔ Edit employee information

✔ Update personnel list

5. 24/7 Services from DATCS Locations

DATCS Corporate office, located in Longview, TX has satellite offices in Tyler, Texas, Bossier City, Louisiana, and Wichita Falls, Texas.

All DATCS services can be accessed from any location.

DATCS offers 24/7 services for finding a collection site for emergencies anywhere, any time.

6. Background Check Customized Packages

DATCS understands compliance issues and provides accurate information you can trust with dedicated and knowledgeable client services. Our staff will guide you through the entire process of pre-hire to post hire.

Ordering a background check on-line from your own computer saves you money and time.

DOT required background checks:

✔ FMCSA Package (MVR, CDLIS, DOT previous employment verification & past drug test history)

✔ PHMSA PACKAGE. (DOT previous employment verification & past drug test history)

Individual Services:



✔ National Criminal database

✔ National Federal District Court Criminal

✔ DOT previous employment Verification

✔ DOT Past Drug Test History


✔ I-9/e-VERIFY

✔ Social security number trace

These days, employers conduct background checks to find the most qualified employees, to reduce the risk of negligent hiring, help prevent crime in their company, and make workplaces safer for employers and employees.

How did DATCS, a drug testing Compliance Company, get into background screening? It’s simple – compliance. Compliance is our first and foremost mission and our goal is to keep companies compliant with Federal and State regulations. We also help compile employee handbooks and or collective bargaining agreements.

7. Updated Technology

Time is money: DATCS offers ordering a drug test on-line in most cities throughout the States, and our laboratory works hard to make fast results available on our website.

Our laboratory offers paperless testing for Department of Transportation (DOT) and non-DOT testing via website.

8. Audit Support

ATCS works closely with major auditing agencies such as National Compliance Management Services, Veriforce, Team Alert, and PAP’s.

DATCS can provide test records, management information system data reports and any other records that are requested by the auditors

9. Training Courses

✔ Mandatory DOT and Non-Regulated Reasonable Suspicion Supervisors training

✔ Employers (DER’S) training

✔ Collector training on 49 CFR Part 40

✔ Alcohol and Saliva Training

✔ Master Collector Classes

✔ Alcohol LifeLoc machines and supplies (Master distributor)

10. Outstanding Customer Service and most educated collectors in the United States

✔ DATCS audits their staff regularly on collection procedures as well as breath alcohol testing. Quality control is very important to us

✔ DATCS spends thousands each year on Association fees, education seminars, and continuous training of keep on the leading edge of our industry.

✔ DATCS truly understands that customer support can make or break our reputation. Our clients are our partners: Their success is our success