Saliva Drug Testing

DATCS: The Gold Standard in Saliva Drug Testing

The Power of the Swab: Oral Drug Screen Solutions

When it comes to reliable, non-invasive drug testing, the saliva drug test has become an industry favorite. At DATCS, we’ve taken the oral drug test to the next level, providing quick and accurate results every time.

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Why Choose a Saliva Drug Screen?

Saliva Drug Testing: Quick, Reliable, Non-Invasive

Oral fluid testing offers several advantages over traditional urine testing in certain scenarios, particularly in detecting recent drug use.

The shorter detection window and the ability to detect the parent drug instead of just the metabolite make it valuable for determining recent substance ingestion, especially in situations where an accident or injury has occurred at work.

Accurate, Timely, and Tamper-Resistant Drug Detection

Oral fluid testing is accurate in providing defensible laboratory results, its ability to detect recent drug use within a short window of time (typically hours up to 2 days), and its difficulty to manipulate or cheat compared to other methods.

Saliva Testing Enhances Convenience and Dignity for Employees

Saliva testing eliminates the need for gender-specific personnel or bathrooms, making the collection process more convenient and dignified for employee

Quick, Reliable Post-Accident and Reasonable Suspicion Assessments in the Workplace

Given its capability to detect recent drug use, oral fluid testing is often preferred for reasonable suspicion and post-accident testing, providing employers with a clearer understanding of whether an employee’s recent substance use might have contributed to an incident.

Prove impairment quickly. Choose oral drug testing for its reliability in identifying recent drug ingestion, offering a clearer indication of potential impairment or influence at the time of an incident.

This can be crucial in workplace safety protocols and determining liability in case of accidents or injuries.

How Swab Drug Tests Work

Collect Sample

Using our provided kit, swipe or swab the inside of the cheek.


Place the swab in the testing solution.

Read Results

Within minutes, get a clear and accurate reading.

Saliva Drug Testing FAQ

Who Benefits From Saliva Drug Screenings?

  • Employers seeking a fast and efficient way to conduct drug tests.
  • Schools and institutions aiming to maintain a safe environment.
  • Parents concerned about their children’s well-being.
  • Sports organizations ensuring fair play.
  • Individuals for self-testing.

Oral Fluid Drug Test: The Future of Drug Screening

As workplaces and institutions increasingly recognize the efficiency of saliva testing, DATCS stands at the forefront, championing the move towards oral fluid drug screen methods.

From pre-employment screening to random checks, our swab drug screen methods provide the precision and peace of mind you need. And it stands up in court.

Ensure Safety & Compliance with DATCS’s FDA-Approved Saliva Tests.

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Stay ahead of compliance and ensure the utmost safety with DATCS’s FDA-Approved Saliva Tests.

Don’t compromise when it comes to safety and standards. Trust in DATCS’s proven expertise and make the responsible choice today. Take action now for a safer tomorrow.