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DOT Supervisor Training

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DOT Supervisor Training 


If you are a trucking company with one or more employed drivers, you fall under the Department of Transportation regulations. One of those mandated requirements isyou must ensure that all supervisors that are designated to supervise CDL drivers undergo a one-time 2-hour training requirement. The training, at minimum, must include at least 60 minutes of alcohol misuse training and 60 minutes of controlled substance use training, which enables supervisors to recognize physical, behavioral, speech, and performance indicators of drug use or alcohol misuse that support reasonable suspicion testing. §382.307 (FMCSA-Supervisor Training Rule) This 3 hour course covers a comprehensive look at:

  • DOT revised Drug and Alcohol Procedures
  • Effects of Drug and Alcohol use
  • Procedures and Intervention Guidelines for Reasonable Suspicion
  • Circumstances under which an Employee is Tested
  • Consequences of Violations


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