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Jun 19, 2018

Drug and Alcohol Testing Services in Lawton, Oklahoma

Safety and security are two of the most important considerations for any business and that means ensuring that your employees are clear-headed and drug free, so they can be efficient and effective. Businesses and organizations that utilize DATCS’ alcohol and drug testing services in Lawton, Oklahoma don’t have to just hope that their employees are doing the right thing—they’ll know. Whether it’s an annual check-up for your team or a random test throughout the company, DATCS is your partner for smart substance abuse testing

Lawton, Oklahoma Department of Transportation Background Checking Services

There are several important steps in the hiring and onboarding process that directly impact the productivity and success of your overall company, including the employment screening process. A reliable background check uncovers which applicants are trustworthy and which applicants might be a poor choice for your organization. Our goal is to help you run your organization efficiently and safely. When you work with DATCS, you know you are investing in reliability.

Lawton, Oklahoma drug testing services and alcohol testing for organizations from DATCS are the first step in building a competent, trustworthy workforce that will help your business maintain a consistent level of productivity. There are a lot of variables involved in achieving success, but we help you eliminate the most challenging ones in your workforce. From DOT background checks to spot checks for substance abuse in your team members, we’re here to make your Lawton-area business easier to run.

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