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Jun 18, 2018

Drug and Alcohol Testing Services in New Braunsfels, Texas

Knowing that your workforce is ready, willing, and able to do their jobs is essential to your company’s success. Employees that are under the influence of drugs and alcohol aren’t just a danger to themselves, they’re also a potential liability for the sober and clean employees that work alongside them.

To ensure safety and professionalism, your business can’t afford the accidents and potential damages that come with substance abuse and addiction – that’s why you need DATCS to safeguard your day to day operations with fast, reliable drug and alcohol testing services in New Braunfels, Texas.

New Braunsfels Department of Transportation Background Checking Services

Substance abuse on and off the job can create a major liability for employers. Organizations need to know that they are hiring reliable employees and that starts with the employment screening process. We offer credible background checking services that will insure you hire an employee who will be an asset to your organization.

DATCS is your trustworthy source for alcohol testing for organizations and drug testing services in New Braunfels, Texas as well as background checks for Department of Transportation (DOT) employees. We give you more than a clean bill of health for potential employees: we give you valuable peace of mind.

Contact us today to get started with background checks, drug, and alcohol testing for your workforce!