Fatigued Driving

Mar 29, 2018

Carriers and drivers tend to believe that Hours-of-Service (HOS) regulations are stacked against them and, in some cases, make fatigue and speeding problems worse. It takes effort for drivers and dispatchers to track hours on and off the road and appropriately schedule trips. What benefit is there to the carrier to comply with these regulations?


Reduced costs

Getting caught with HOS violations at a roadside inspection is expensive. The carrier is not only subject to fines, but also can lose revenue by having drivers placed out-of-service. 

Improved driver retention

Drivers dislike driving tired. They don’t like being placed out-ofservice—especially when this impacts their income. This can lead to a lack of job satisfaction and eventually increased driver turnover.

Crashes avoided 

Fatigue is believed to be a top contributing factor to crashes.