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Wichita Falls TX

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DNA, Drug & Alcohol Testing in Wichita Falls, TX

Drugs and alcohol pose significant risks by themselves, but the effects can be disastrous when combined with the workplace. Drugs like opiates, marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, alcohol and others can seriously impair an employee’s reaction times, depth perception and their judgement, resulting in mistakes, negative behaviors and even potentially fatal accidents.

DATCS works to prevent the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol on the job with comprehensive drug and alcohol testing, DOT compliance services, auditing, record-keeping, policy development and more. DATCS works with businesses, schools, non-profits and individuals all over Texas, including Wichita Falls, TX, to make testing and prevention simple, easy and convenient.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) puts strict rules in place to ensure that transportation companies, including air, rail, water and road, maintain drug- and alcohol-free workplaces. Workers who are inebriated while driving, operating machinery, navigating, helping customers and performing other essential tasks can seriously injure or kill passengers, other employees, or themselves. To avert these disasters, random screening, detailed record-keeping, specific policies and background checks are required. DATCS helps transportation businesses and other companies required to perform drug and alcohol screening manage these rules and regulations with ease.

Protect the quality, trust and goodwill of your company, and the welfare of your customers and employees with comprehensive drug and alcohol screening from DATCS. Find a screening and testing location in Wichita Falls, TX or contact us for more information on training and policy development.

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