Jan 26, 2017

Drug & Alcohol Testing Services in Texas

A drug- and alcohol-free environment makes workplaces more effective, more efficient and safer for customers and employees. DATCS, Drug and Alcohol Testing Compliance Services, provides complete drug and alcohol testing, training and education, background checks, DOT compliance services and more to help maintain the safety and efficacy of all workplaces, schools, charities and other organizations. With testing and collection sites located across Texas, DATCS works with businesses and organizations across the state to quickly and easily test employees without inconveniencing them or the business.

Use of drugs and alcohol can create serious impairment and prevent employees from doing their jobs properly, and it can even endanger the lives of customers. Drug and alcohol testing, training and education, and DOT compliance removes these risks from your workplace, shows employees how important a drug-free environment is, and keeps everyone safe. For businesses that work in transportation, including planes, trains, buses, ships, cars and others, lives are on the line every day and sobriety on the job is mandated by law. DATCS conducts testing, audits, supervision, training and more to comply with rules set by the Department of Transportation to keep these services safe.

Learn more about drug and alcohol testing, policy development, DNA testing, DOT compliance services and more from DATCS. Click “find a collection site” to see the options available near you or contact us for more information on any services.