Jan 26, 2017

Alcohol and Drug Testing Services in Oklahoma

For a business, school, non-profit or any organization to be successful, every employee, volunteer or participant must be able to perform his or her job correctly. Drugs and alcohol can make it difficult or impossible for a member of the organization to perform their job, and this can also endanger other workers, customers, volunteers, students and even members of the public. DATCS provides testing and screening services, drug and alcohol policy development, training, education and other services in Oklahoma to prevent drugs and alcohol from effecting your organization.

We make drug and alcohol screening easy with convenient, local testing facilities available throughout Oklahoma. We also provide training and education services, including online training, to help supervisors, technicians and collectors properly obtain samples, recognize suspicious behavior, maintain accurate testing records and conduct testing according to DOT standards and other regulations. Making preventative drug and alcohol policies clear throughout the organization also helps to create a drug- and alcohol-free environment. Experts at DATCS can help you organize preventative policies to adhere to local and federal laws, while also making a safe, highly effective organization.

Learn more about DOT compliant testing for transportation businesses as well as policies for schools, treatment centers, non-profits and other agencies. Contact us today for more information.