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New Mexico

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Drug and Alcohol Testing – Background Checks in New Mexico

Testing for drugs and alcohol helps make businesses safer, more efficient and more productive. Testing may occur before an employee is hired, while regular or randomized screening may be conducted to ensure continuing compliance, and screening may be required after an incident occurs. Whatever type of drug or alcohol screening or policies your business or organization uses, DATCS can help. With efficient, code-compliant, convenient testing centers in New Mexico, employees can quickly and easily undergo drug screening without disrupting their lives or their jobs. DATCS also helps organizations make and maintain policies which deter drug and alcohol use, uphold DOT compliance, and guard against liabilities.

Use of drugs or alcohol in the workplace exposes businesses to a wide array of risks and presents serious threats to workers, managers and customers. Background checks, preventative policies and drug and alcohol screening all help to prevent disasters and damaging influences from hurting your company. Our experts also help to craft policies for businesses, corporations, non-profits, treatment centers, schools and other organizations to ensure compliance with local laws, make procedures, expectations and consequences clear, and provide a clear system for testing procedures, education, training and more.

Find a testing center in New Mexico near you to test employees accurately and comply with regulations. For more information on policy development, contact us.

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