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Mississippi Drug Screening & Alcohol Testing

Drug or alcohol use in your business can quickly tarnish your reputation and even put employees or customers at risk. Enacting preventative policies and making policies fair and transparent does not need to be difficult or uncomfortable. Our experts can help you craft policies that keep everyone safe and provide drug and alcohol testing services to follow through with each policy. To make internal testing and prevention easier, we also provide education and training, showing supervisors how to conduct proper testing and maintain proper records.

When customers’ or the public’s welfare is at stake, it is important to make sure everyone on your team is ready to work. The Department of Transportation requires that transportation operators like pilots, bus drivers, train drivers, subway technicians and others undergo drug and alcohol screening. DOT testing and record-keeping procedures are detailed and we can help you manage these tests to ensure that your company is compliant. Even if your business is not required by law to perform drug testing, conducting random drug screening or pre-employment drug screening can still improve the safety and quality of your business.

DATCS provides drug testing centers, policy development, training and education for businesses, non-profits, governments, schools and more all across Mississippi. Find a testing center near you or contact DATCS to learn more about training, education and policy development.

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