Longview TX

Jan 26, 2017

Drug & Alcohol Testing in Longview TX

Employees are the heart of every business and keeping customers safe, keeping their trust and maintaining a high performance level depends on your employees. If employees cannot perform their duties properly, it endangers the business and it endangers customers. DATCS helps maintain a drug- and alcohol-free workplace, so employees can perform their duties properly. Drug testing, helps to prevent drugs and alcohol from hindering employees and also keeps the workplace safe by providing measures to remove employees that are abusing drugs or alcohol. Testing and collection sites throughout Texas, including Longview, TX, make it easy and convenient to test employees, while policies, DOT supervisor training, background checks and other services can be tailored to suit your needs.

Drug and alcohol testing may be administered at random at any time; it may be required before an employee can start work, or it may be administered if an employee exhibits suspicious behavior or is involved in an accident. For businesses that provide transportation services including planes, ships, buses, trains, cars and others, the Department of Transportation requires specific drug and alcohol testing, auditing, training and more. DATCS helps you craft DOT compliant drug and alcohol policies to ensure the safety of workers and customers, train supervisors and testing officials to administer drug and alcohol tests, and quickly and conveniently conduct local testing.

In addition to the aforementioned services, DATCS also offers DNA testing services for individuals and organizations.

Find a testing or collection center in Longview, TX near your workplace, school or other organization. For more information on policies, training and other services, contact us today.