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Drug & Alcohol Testing and Screening in Arkansas

From businesses to schools to non-profits, a drug-free environment is essential. Use of drugs and alcohol will ruin an organization’s reputation and also put workers and visitors at risk. Testing for drugs and alcohol does not have to be complicated, inconvenient or uncomfortable. DATCS provides testing services throughout Arkansas to make drug screening easy, custom policy development to make testing procedures transparent, and training and education so regulatory compliance is not a hassle.

Many businesses are required by law to regularly test employees, such as law enforcement, public transportation operators, federal employees, while other businesses and organizations test employees to uphold the business’s quality and reputation. The best way to prevent drug- or alcohol-related accidents, mishaps or misbehaviors is to enact preventative policies right away. Testing employees before they are hired will make sure they enter the organization with a clear mind and conducting regular, randomized screening or screening based on incidents or justifiable suspicion will make sure that everyone stays on track. We can also help you craft policies that everyone can understand and adhere to, while adhering to local and federal laws. These policies include DOT compliance policies as well as auditing, testing, record-keeping, supervisor training and more.

Use our convenient locator to find a local drug screening center in Arkansas near you. Contact us for more information on drug and alcohol prevention policies, education and training.

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