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Retaining Quality Employees: Background Checks in Shreveport LA

by | Apr 22, 2015 | Background Checks Shreveport LA, Criminal Background Check Shreveport LA | 0 comments

Any company concerned about the bottom line knows that one of the largest costs of operating is training new employees.  This is especially true if you have a high turnover. This means that new employees are continuously cycling through your door and not staying long enough to make training them worthwhile. Think about it, each new person you employ needs several weeks of job specific training before they can even begin to be productive. This training time is always paid. This can equate to a significant amount of money, especially in more technically specialized job fields like nursing, where the orientation period is often several months. Pay more than a handful of employees for two months straight only to have them leave three to five weeks after orientation is over and you will quickly discover why many companies consider background checks in Shreveport LA and essential step in new employee onboarding and retention.

Retention is a popular buzzword in the  business world, but what does it really mean? It means keeping productive and valuable employees with your team, instead of losing them to competitors. There are many ways to increase retention in your company. Making your place of business desirable can stop your employees from second guessing their loyalty. For many companies this means increasing benefits or perks for employment. Discounted or even free membership to local health clubs, company cars, on site daycare, free lunch or other incentives make it hard for valued employees to leave, when they receive other offers. Not all incentives have to be monetary. Many people work well if they feel that they are being singled out and recognized. The best retention programs usually offer verbal rewards for a job well done. This can include a special ceremony, or other compliments that make people feel appreciated for what they do. Often this emotional currency is more valuable to well being than money.

Good retention can be meaningless if you are not hiring quality employees in the first place. It can be difficult in an interview alone to determine which applicant has what it takes to stay and become a valuable resource, and which will be moving on in a few months. Looks can deceive even the most seasoned interviewer. For this reason many companies require background checks in Shreveport LA for all of their potential applicants. This enables them to eliminate potential problems before they are acquired, and ensures honesty and integrity throughout the interview process. DATCS not only provides reliable and professional drug testing, but they also offer qualified background checks. If you are a discerning company who only wants to hire the best then you need to give them a call at (318) 678-5568, to see how they can improve your employe base from the ground up today.

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