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How to Verify That Your DNA testing Texarkana AR Will Stand Up in Court

by | Feb 16, 2015 | DNA Testing Texarkana AR, Genetic DNA Testing Texarkana AR | 0 comments

DNA testing Texarkana AR is one of the most practical ways available to verify the paternity of a child. Through verifying this paternity the parents will be able to establish custody, affirm child support, and utilize the DNA results for a whole variety of personal reasons. No matter the purpose behind an individual’s decision to seek out DNA testing to affirm a person’s genetic lineage, it can be a valuable tool. However, often people realize that while DNA testing might be of some use to them, they don’t realize what standard the DNA testing must meet to actually be admissible in court. When the DNA testing does not meet this standard, then the court will not allow the DNA evidence to be used as evidence and it will have no power to influence the court.

In order to ensure that your DNA testing Texarkana AR will actually meet the standard that the court requires to be admissible for evidentiary purposes, you need to make sure that the agency you trust to collect the DNA follows the proper procedures. If the procedures are violated, then the DNA results can be challenged as inaccurate and must be administered again to verify that the results are correct. To be acceptable, DNA testing must be carried out by trained professionals who have certification that verifies that they have the necessary skills and training to take DNA samples in a way that will not compromise or invalidate the samples. After the DNA sample has been taken, the DNA testing service must then maintain a strict chain of custody that verifies that the sample was kept in conditions that did not degrade the sample, and prevented the possibility of the sample being tampered with in any way to distort the DNA results. When the DNA sample is actually being tested, the service must also adhere to specific protocols in order to ensure that the process will yield accurate results.

Drug and Alcohol Testing Compliance Services carries out DNA testing Texarkana AR that meets the requirements that the court system has put in place to make sure that the DNA testing is accurate. They employ trained professionals who adhere to the strict chain of custody that must be maintained throughout the testing process in order to ensure that the sample will be admissible in court. To find out more about DATCS and the procedures they follow and the services they offer, find them at

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