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Employment Drug Testing in Louisiana No Longer An Idea Of The Future

by | Oct 29, 2014 | Employment Drug Testing Louisiana, Hair Drug Test Louisiana | 0 comments

Drug use is on the rise and because of that employment drug testing in Louisiana has become a vital part of the hiring process. Despite the efforts to minimize the severity of the effects of drugs and to suggest that some such as marijuana are harmless there is still great concern in the workplace.

The workplace is affected in many aspects. Financial cost to overall morale of a company can be related to drug abuse. Companies are realizing that it is important from the get go to have a clear plan on how to deal with drug abuse. Employment drug testing in Louisiana and other states is taking a major role in the hiring process. Policies need to be in place so that employees understand their agreement when it comes to drug use.

There are many reasons why drug testing is needed in the workplace. Hazards involving safety and health, an increase in short term disability, and more health care claims are the result of drug abuse. Work productivity is down due to absenteeism and employee turnover.

Employers feel that drug testing discourages drug and alcohol use. It can be a preventative measure from hiring individuals who are involved in drugs. A safer workplace for employees and the public is created. Businesses that test for drugs are more in compliance with laws and regulations of both Federal and State mandates.
There are various reasons why drug tests are administered.  Pre-Employment: Potential employees must agree to testing. Failure to do so or failure of the test generally results with the inability to hire. Reasonable Suspicion: This takes place when signs of drug or alcohol use is observed. Post Accident: A routine check to determine if alcohol or drugs were a factor in an workplace accident.  Random: Usually unannounced testing.  Return to Duty: Is most often a one time testing after returning to work following treatment.

Bodily specimens are the most common forms used in testing for drugs and alcohol. Illicit drugs are most often tested through urine samples. Alcohol is traced through the breathe. Blood, oral fluids, hair and sweat can be used in testing also but are not as common

Things have changed and choices that are being made by individuals to use alcohol and drugs can have huge consequences not only in personal lives but in the workplace as well. Employers are well within their rights to protect their employees and their business. Employment drug testing in Louisiana is a positive action. DATCS is the company that can help with this process. Not only in Louisiana but also cities like Texarkansas, TX and Texarkansas, AR are turning to DATCS in Wichita Falls, TX for drug testing. If you have concerns in the area of drugs or alcohol give us a call and we will help you know that your employees are safe on the job.


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