DOT Physicals In Longview, TX: Regular Physicals Help To Insure Road Safety

Sep 11, 2014

Moving goods back and forth across Texas and rest of the country is important for business and for consumers but moving these goods safely should be the primary concern for commercial motor vehicle drivers.  Not only should they worry about their own safety but they should also be concerned with the safety of the driving public.  The U.S. Department of Transportation requires most drivers of commercial vehicles to have DOT physicals administered in Longview, TX and at many other locations around the country to insure that they are healthy enough to handle the demanding job of commercial vehicle driver.Are you a commercial vehicle driver who needs a physical?  If you operate a motor vehicle that carries 9 to 15 passengers, drive the vehicle more than 75 miles from where you report to work and the vehicle is driven interstate then you must get a physical.  If the commercial vehicle you operate has a gross weight of 10,001 pounds or more or you carry certain quantities of hazardous materials interstate, federal law mandates that you get a physical.

DOT physicals administered in Longview, TX include a review of your health history and regular medications as well as a physical exam.  The physical exam includes, among other things, a vision test, a blood pressure and pulse check, an examination of your eyes, nose, throat and ears and a neurological exam.  There are restrictions for commercial drivers who have certain health problems.  You will be asked whether or not you have or had brain injuries, epilepsy, heart attack or heart disease, kidney disease, paralysis, stroke, loss of hearing or vision impairment, spinal cord injuries, digestive problems, psychiatric disorders, dizziness or fainting and chronic pain.

To receive a medical certificate that allows you to drive commercial vehicles, you must not have missing limbs, take injectable insulin for diabetes or use habit-forming narcotics or amphetamines and you must not have a history of alcohol or drug addiction.  If your medical examiner determines that you meet the physical requirements to drive a commercial vehicle, your medical certificate will be good for two years.  If you have some physical conditions that won’t keep you from driving commercially but that require monitoring, then you will have to have more frequent DOT physicals in Longview, TX.  

If you are a commercial vehicle driver and you require a physical examination to do your job, then call DATCS in Longview at 903-234-1948 to ask about DOT physicals.  We also serve parts of Louisiana and the Texarkana, Texas-Texarkana, Arkansas area.  Visit to learn more about DATCS and the services we provide.