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MRO Tyler TX: How Important Is A Medical Review Officer?

by | Aug 7, 2014 | Employment Drug Testing Texas, MRO Texas | 0 comments

If you own a business, you know how important it is for you and your employees to practice safe work habits and to maintain a safe work environment.  Substance abuse on the job can be a threat to both safety and productivity and as a business owner it is something you must pay attention to.  To help you test and monitor new and current employees you should consider working with a professional drug testing company with a on-staff Medical Review Officer (MRO).  An MRO Tyler TX is a licensed medical doctor with special training in substance abuse testing.  He or she is responsible for receiving and reviewing lab results that are generated by an employer’s drug testing program.  Why is this important?

▪  An MRO is impartial advocate for the accuracy and integrity of the drug-testing process with a knowledge of the protocol of drug testing including maintaining chain-of-custody documentation for specimens.

▪  An MRO reviews lab results to insure that the correct test panel was performed and that the collector followed proper procedures.

▪  A licensed medical doctor has the knowledge and training necessary to understand and interpret drug test results.

▪  If a drug test is positive, the MRO Tyler TX contacts the employee to find out if there could be a reasonable medical explanation for the test results.  Some prescription medicines or medical treatments can cause positive test results.  The MRO obtains verification from the employee in the form of a valid prescription or a copy of medical records and will notify the employer that the test result is negative.  If proper, medical documentation can’t be produced, the MRO notifies the employer of a positive test result.

▪  Having an MRO Tyler TX review and interpret test results keeps the employer from having to personally verify an employee’s medical records and keeps the employer from having to deal with the area of medical privacy rights thus protecting the employer from possible litigation.

▪  An MRO is an excellent resource who can give advice about abuse detection, deterrence and treatment options.

At DATCS in Tyler, we are experts in drug and alcohol testing compliance services and our Medical Review Officer has many years of experience in workplace drug testing.  Visit our website at to learn more about our drug testing services or call us at 903-534-3893.  We serve Louisiana and Texas including Texarkana, Texas and Texarkana, Arkansas.

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