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The Medical and Legal Benefits of DNA Paternity Testing Louisiana

by | Jul 15, 2014 | DNA Paternity Testing Louisiana, DNA Testing Louisiana | 0 comments

Contrary to popular belief, DNA paternity testing Louisiana is important for more than just verifying who the father of a child is. We see paternity testing all the time on television, but never do people talk about what happens after receiving the results of a DNA test, or what can be done with those results. It is important for a person to understand the process of DNA analysis so they know what’s going on, and it is also important for that person to know what can be done with the DNA results once they have them.

Paternity testing is a method of DNA testing designed to show whether or not someone is the father of a child. In order to determine this, DNA paternity testing Louisiana takes DNA samples both from the child in question and from the child’s alleged father. The DNA strands of the two samples are then split apart into small fragments at the same places so the fragments are of the same size and from the same spot on the DNA strand. Those fragments are then compared to determine the amount of similarity between them. To prove that the alleged father is the actual father—genetically speaking—half of the fragments must match. Those matching fragments prove that half of the child’s DNA came from the alleged father, which proves paternity.Once the DNA paternity testing Louisiana is complete, the mother of the child can file those DNA results with the court system. Genetically establishing the child’s paternity means that the mother can file for legal and social benefits that they might not otherwise qualify for. These benefits include things like social security benefits, veteran’s benefits, and inheritance benefits. With the affirmative proof of a child’s paternity, all of these benefits will be available to them without any of the complications that might come without the support of a DNA test.

The benefit of DNA testing also extends beyond the legal benefits that come from knowing paternity. A DNA test will also provide a medical history for the child, which will help the doctor in Texarkana, TX or Texarkana, AR in diagnosing the child later on. Knowing the genetic father of the child means that the doctors can be aware of any genetic abnormalities that run the father’s family, or of any genetic predispositions that the child might have to certain illnesses. It is important to rely on a company like Drug and Alcohol Testing Compliance Services to provide you with a trustworthy result. Their reputation for quality DNA analysis means that you can trust the results that they provide you. Go to to find out more.[osky-citation keyword=’DNA paternity testing Louisiana’]Photo Credit:  © p e j o

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