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Drug Testing Bossier City LA: What You Need To Know

by | Jun 26, 2014 | Drug and Alcohol Testing Louisiana, Drug Testing Louisiana | 0 comments

When you have employees or potential employees, having drug testing Bossier City LA is a good thing.  You want to know if you are hiring or employee persons who could be harmful to themselves, their fellow employees, the company or those they come into contact with.  No matter what type of drug testing Bossier City LA you need, DATCS can help.  We know the regulations for each state and how to perform the tests correctly to get the best results.  We also have an MRO on staff to help you sort through the results.  Whatever type of testing you want done, DATCS is the place to turn.  With our offices located in Bossier City, we are right where you are.  Call today!

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