What is the Role in Drug Testing for the MRO Bossier City LA?

May 20, 2014

MRO Bossier City LA at the DATCS facility, stands for Medical Review Officer.  This person is the one to review and interpret the lab results that are obtained through our testing program.  Each drug test that is performed  for the Department of Transportation is required by law to be reviewed by a medical review officer. It is highly recommended that employers in Bossier City, LA, use an MRO for all drug testing.

The MRO is a licensed physician that requires specific training and certification. They must train and certify and then retrain and recertify every five years (http://www.mrocc.org/) They must have additional technical knowledge and an understanding of economic and legal issues surrounding such testing. He or she must have knowledge of substance abuse disorders and have medical training to interpret and objectively evaluate positive test results considering medical history and other appropriate medical information.

The part played by the MRO Bossier City LA is an important safeguard in testing residents or employees.  It is essential that the donors know that their information is being handled by a knowledgeable, trained professional. The medical review officer is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of both the donor and his/her medical information.  The results of the tests remain strictly confidential unless public safety is jeopardized. It is also his responsibility to be sure the appropriate test panel was issued and that correct procedures were followed.

An MRO must stay current to the changes that may be occurring in their field.  New drugs may emerge as well as new types and patterns of abuse, so officers must be ready to implement innovative approaches to drug testing where necessary.

When a drug test result comes back from the lab positive, the MRO contacts the employee in order to rule out legitimate medical explanations. If a positive result is due to a prescribed medication or doctor supervised medical treatment, the MRO will obtain valid verification of such and will simply report a negative test result. An employer benefits from using an MRO Bossier City LA to interpret laboratory tests because it protects him.  The employer simply hears a positive or negative test result that has been evaluated by a licensed practitioner and he doesn’t handle or view sensitive medical information about his employees.  Furthermore, he does not need to determine if a positive test was due to medical treatment because the MRO has already researched it.

For more information on the MRO at DATCS, visit www.datcs.com/services/mro

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