Employee Drug Testing Longview TX: A Smart Move For Your Business

Mar 20, 2014

Drug testing for your Longview TX business is one of the best things you can do to protect both yourself and your employees. Whether your company is big or small, you likely work with employees on a regular basis. Good employees help you keep the business moving in the right direction, allowing for all of the simple and complex jobs to be accomplished from day to day. Responsible, determined employees are a great asset to the company, while those who tend to become lazy or unreliable make your job much harder.

Because good employees are vital to any company, the owner or manager must take certain measures to ensure that they show up each day willing and ready to work. They need to be able to handle any tasks or complications that may arise. One of the best ways to monitor employees is through regular drug testing Longview TX. Consider the following benefits of consistent company testing.

Provides a Safe Workplace
Most importantly, drug testing promotes safety in the workplace. Employees who know they may be randomly tested come to work with a clear head. They are ready for the challenges of the day. They are able to interact well with one another and use logic in working together to solve issues that arise. They are able to operate machinery effectively and safely, protecting themselves and their coworkers. Drug-free employees are able to use sound judgment to avoid small mishaps, such as spilled water on the floor for another to slip in, or dangerous machinery mistakes. Far fewer accidents occur when employees are alert and drug-free in the workplace.

Allows You to Make Good Hiring Choices
Drug testing for your Longview TX business also allows you to make smart hiring choices. When potential employees come into your office for an interview, you can make certain “surface” judgments. You can see their credentials and get a feel for how they would fit in at your company. But you can not always be certain that they are drug-free candidates. As part of the hiring process, you can make it known to applicants that a drug test will be included. This allows you to see if they are clear before they ever begin working for your company.

Discourages Drug Use
Your company should have a well-known and understood drug testing policy that communicates your intentions to check employees regularly. When employees understand this, they are discouraged from using drugs before coming to work. They will know that testing positive may be grounds for disciplinary action or removal from the company altogether.

Again, conducting drug testing Longview TX is not just for your protection as an employer, it is for the protection of all employees in the company. If you have questions or would like to set up an appointment, call our experts at 888-201-0242. You can also visit us online at www.datet.com.

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