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Signing Up for Easy Drug Testing Tyler Texas

by | Mar 3, 2014 | Drug and Alcohol Testing Texas, Drug Testing Texas | 0 comments

Drug testing has been around for years, and for good reason. Courts, law enforcement agencies, business owners, and schools require drug testing to ensure safety and consistency.
There are many places to turn for drug and alcohol tests, but DATCS is the best in Texas and Louisiana.

When Are Drug Tests Required?
Employers and business owners often require job applicants and new employees to take drug and alcohol tests. Courts also require drug or alcohol tests to prove a point in a legal case. For example, if a person is accused of drunk driving or intoxicated driving and is pleading not guilty, drug or alcohol testing at the time of the accident may be required. Tests may also be required on the spot at the time of arrest.

The accuracy of drug testing Tyler Texas surprises some people. People figure if they are clean and drug-free for a few days or weeks, they are good to go. But some drugs stay in the bloodstream or in the body for months! Even marijuana, often considered the most “harmless” of all illicit drugs, has an ingredient called THC which stays present in the body for several weeks. Obviously employers may want to call on random drug tests when an employee looks or acts like they’re on drugs.

What Tests Look Like
Most drug and alcohol tests are similar. People going in for testing arrive at a designated office or lab. They are required to give a urine sample, sometimes under observation of a doctor or other staff member. Testing may also require some blood work, which means a vial or two of blood may be taken. For the most part, these screenings are quick and easy.

Benefits of Random Drug Testing Tyler Texas
Sometimes companies require new employees to sign a release and contract for randomized drug testing. These companies usually require employees to pass a drug and alcohol screening before they are hired, but these contracts mean they can also order random testing whenever they want to.

Some people say this is unfair, but think about it: workers should not be intoxicated or under the influence of anything while they are at work. Most every workplace is a drug-free environment. If a boss thinks one of his employees may be intoxicated on the job, he can send that employee in for random testing. It’s a foolproof way to catch the dishonest workers. Rather than letting rumors spread for months, and have workers missing days all the time, a drug or alcohol test can answer questions fast and have the problem eliminated quickly.

Drug testing Tyler Texas companies know the many benefits of companies requiring drug and alcohol tests. That’s why they have made it easier than ever to have these tests done regularly.

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