Stay Protected with Louisiana Background Checks

Feb 23, 2014

It would be nice if the world was a safe place and everyone would be honest. It would be great to leave our car running or our wallets unattended for a minute or two in public. Unfortunately, that is just not the world we live in. In this day and age, it never hurts to be careful because you never know who may be lurking around the next corner. You never know who is hiding a dark and dangerous past. That is why business owners should always require Louisiana background checks for their employees and potential hires.

Louisiana background checks aren’t foolproof, and they may not keep every single crazy from slipping through the cracks. However, if a job applicant has a hidden past, especially a criminal one, a background check can help bring that to light.

If They Refuse
Generally speaking, people with nothing to hide shouldn’t have a problem with a background check or with drug screening. It is those who refuse it or resent it that employers should worry about. Refusal to agree to a background check often means no chance of hire or even an interview.

Getting Hired with a Past
Despite what some people think, it is possible for a person with a criminal history to get a job. There are many levels of criminal activity, from speeding tickets to grand theft auto to domestic disturbances. Most employers will understand a job hopeful who received a DUI at 19 and has spent the last several years trying to clean their life up. Employers recognize that some offenses stay on a person’s record much longer than seems fair. It is not impossible for those with a history to be hired. It largely depends on the nature of the crime.

Consider the Offense
Obviously a boss won’t want to hire someone who has committed crimes and offenses in the work place. That may mean anything from theft to sexual harassment to money laundering. Those are offenses employers will not take lightly because they don’t want new hires to cause problems with coworkers.

However, if the crimes had nothing to do with the work place, a person is much more likely to get the job. A speeding ticket likely won’t affect the employee’s work ethic or his relationships with coworkers. Other minor offenses also shouldn’t impact work and are often overlooked.

What Can a Background Check Find?
Louisiana background checks can be basic or more detailed. Most background checks offer any criminal offenses in a person’s history, whether they be misdemeanors or felonies. A background check also shows a person’s full name, any names they have used in the past, and a list of past and current addresses. This information can help an employer verify that the information on an applicant’s resume is correct.

Background checks are really just a safety measure employers can take to be sure their company and their other employees are safe.

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