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Should You Conduct A Louisiana Criminal Background Check For Employees?

by | Dec 18, 2013 | Background Checks Louisiana, Criminal Background Check Louisiana | 0 comments

Growing your business is a wonderful experience, but as business increases you will likely need to start hiring (or hire more) employees. You want an employee you can trust and someone that is perfect for the job at hand. Getting supplemental information on each applicant with a Louisiana criminal background check can really help you make the best informed decision on who to hire.

Yes, your employment application may include “the box.” We all know that box. “Have you ever been convicted of a crime?” A common mistake in hiring is immediately discriminating against candidates that have checked this box. Conducting a Louisiana criminal background check will give you a much broader look at every candidate and insight into their personality and integrity. It’s better to gauge a person’s whole application, including education and experience.

In the long run, it’s really best to look at a broad spectrum of information on each candidate. This can include just a Louisiana criminal background check or even more information such as a credit history, driving records, social media presence, education and work experience. Don’t let an excellent candidate slip through your fingers just because they checked “the box.”

At Drug and Alcohol Testing Compliance Services (DATCS), we can help your business set up the best background check package to suit your needs. You may just need a pre employment Louisiana background check, or you may want to do further screenings. Give us a call and we will help you evaluate any background information your company may need in hiring new team members.

Conducting a background check of any nature can be complicated and vary state to state, creating loads of opportunities to complete the check incorrectly. Conducting a criminal background check incorrectly can potentially spark an investigation from the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission (EEOC). Also keep in mind that every applicant has rights and you must follow the laws when conducting any background check. You want to do everything by the book, and hiring someone experienced in conducting background checks specific to your state will help make the process much easier and give you the peace of mind that everything is being conducted correctly to the letter of the law.

If you’re thinking of conducting pre employment screenings for your business, call DATCS today. We can help you decide which screenings are best for your company and assist you in carrying them out. Don’t take a chance on hiring with limited information, call us for pre employment screening assistance.

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