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Reduce Risky Behavior in Your Children -3

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                      3.  KNOW YOUR CHILD’S RISK LEVEL

Several decades of research shows that some teens are more at risk for developing a substance abuse problem than other teens.

The more risk factors a teen has, the more likely he or she will abuse drugs or alcohol. 

Common Risk Factors Associated with Teen Drug and Alcohol Abuse:

–Family History:  If family members abuse alcohol, your child may have inherited the gene that puts them at risk.  This does not mean your child will certainly become dependent on drugs or alcohol.

–Mental or Behavioral Disorder:  Those children with psychiatric disorders, such as ADHD, depression and anxiety are at more risk.

–Trauma:  Children that are the victims of physical or sexual abuse, and those who witness traumatic events have shown to be more at risk. 

–Impulse Control Problems:  Lack of control of impulses and frequently taking risks are higher risk for drug and alcohol abuse.




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