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DNA Testing Texas and Worldwide Continues to Solve Important Mysteries

by | Nov 13, 2013 | DNA Paternity Testing Texas, DNA Testing Texas | 0 comments

At DATCS, we provide the best DNA testing services in Texas. And whenever we see a news story about a person who has benefited from DNA testing in Texas or anywhere else in the world, we like to share it. At the beginning of last month, just such a case began to unfold. It began when Greek Hellenic police found the little girl Maria and charged her caregivers with abduction. This case sparked interest all over the world, causing the charity Smile of the Child to receive over 10,000 calls concerning Maria, from people wanting her real parents to be found.

At the end of last month, the search for Maria’s biological parents ended, thanks to the help of DNA testing. It has been discovered that Maria’s true parents are a Bulgarian couple named Sasha Ruseva and Atanas Rusev. But unfortunately, finding her biological parents has not ended the complications for Maria. Sasha Ruseva explains that she gave Maria away as an infant. Maria’s currently-imprisoned caregivers, Christos Salis and his wife, Eleftheria Dimopoulou, maintain that they received Maria through an informal adoption and wanted to gain custody of her. Costas Katsavos, lawyer to the imprisoned couple, said “Now that they’re in prison there’s not much they can do. But provided what we said is borne out, that it was not an abduction, then logically they will be released from prison and they will be able to enter a proper [adoption] process … They truly and ardently want her back.” Unfortunately, however, Maria’s case is further complicated by the fact that “under Greek law, child abduction charges can include cases where a minor is voluntarily given away by the parents outside the legal adoption process.”

DNA tests have solved the mystery of Maria’s parentage, bringing closure to the case and the hope of reprieve to her caregivers. You can get the answers you seek as well, through DNA testing Texas. If you’ve ever wondered about the identity of your own parents, DATCS can help. At DATCS we offer reliable DNA testing Texas, including paternity testing, grandparentage testing, twin zygosity testing, infidelity testing and more. Our test results are admissible in court, and all our DNA testing Texas is done by trained professionals who maintain a strict documented chain of custody. For all your DNA testing needs in Texas, visit one of our locations in Tyler, Longview, Wichita Falls, or Bossier City, Louisiana.

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