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DATCS Can Take Care of Your Louisiana Background Check Needs

by | Sep 25, 2013 | Background Checks Louisiana, Criminal Background Check Louisiana | 0 comments

Running a Louisiana background check on prospective employees is more important now than ever.  Consider the following facts.

  • Studies show that 53% of applicants lie on their resumes or applications.

  • One out of three business failures is caused by employee theft.

  • Attorneys are aggressively pursuing wrongful hiring cases.  The average award in these lawsuits is in excess of $600,000.00.

The consequences of hiring the wrong people can be devastating. That’s why you need the help that DATCS can provide.  We’ll vet your potential workers with a Louisiana background check, safeguarding you from putting criminals or other undesirables on your payroll.  Here are the types of checks we can conduct.

The National Social Security Number Check

To provide the most thorough Louisiana background check results possible, we search the social security database for information on your applicant.  Our social security numbers follow us throughout our lives.  They can reveal a host of information on your subject, including the following:


  • Full name.

  • Age and date of birth.

  • Address.

  • Date the social security number was issued.

  • Addresses over the past 7 -10 years.

  • Past and present phone numbers.

  • Any real estate owned by the subject.

  • Legal actions like bankruptcies, judgments, or divorces.


National Criminal Record Search

This search provides instant results from more than 300,000,000 criminal record databases.  This check will reveal any convictions or charges applicants have in their pasts, saving you from hiring a convict or fugitive.


Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) Check

This check is a must if the person in question will be driving for your firm.  It will reveal the following information about your applicants:

  • Whether they possess a valid driver’s license, and,if so, in what state.

  • Information about any vehicles they own or have owned in the past, including registration details.

  • Whether the person has completed a driver’s safety course.

  • If the applicant has ever refused to take a sobriety test during a traffic stop.

Sex Offender Registry Check

This service will reveal if your applicant is listed as a sex offender in any part of the country.  We’ll also provide you with a list of registered sex offenders in your area.

Civil Courts Record Check

This service provides information on any civil actions that the applicant has been a part of in the past, including the following:

  • Corporate filings.

  • Probate records.

  • Lawsuits.

  • Marriage records.

  • Name changes.

  • Actions involving real property.

DATCS background checks can not help you avoid hiring the wrong people, they can also give you peace of mind about the applicants you invite to be part of your team.  Contact us today to find out more.


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