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Sep 20, 2013

DATCS offers Texas drug tests for a variety of reasons, including employee drug testing. We help businesses keep their work environment safe and productive, and if an employee fails a drug test, we can assist them in finding help to overcome their drug problem. A recently-passed Texas bill is aimed to help welfare recipients have that same sobriety, accountability, and drug abuse help when necessary.


This April, the Texas state Senate passed a bill that will require some welfare applicants to undergo drug testing to be eligible for benefits. After completing a screening assessment, applicants who are considered to be at a high risk of drug use (for example, those with previous felony drug convictions, previous failed drug tests, etc.) will be required to take a drug test before collecting benefits.


Applicants who test positive for drugs will not be allowed to collect benefits for twelve months. If they complete a substance abuse program, they will be allowed to reapply for benefits. If an applicant tests positive three times, they will be permanently banned from receiving welfare benefits.


The bill’s sponsor, Senator Jane Nelson, says “Taxpayer money should not be used to subsidize someone’s drug habit.” She also points out that, because many employers require pre-employment drug testing, that this law will actually help welfare applicants prepare to discontinue welfare and find employment. She says “We’re not only going to help them get off drugs, we’re going to help them get a job.” Lt. Governor David Dewhurst agrees, stating that “Welfare should never subsidize the irresponsible choices of otherwise capable people who instead elect to stay at home, play video games, and get high with their friends.”


The bill was passed with a 31-0 vote in the state Senate, and its popularity seems to be leading to another similar bill. The Senate is currently discussing a bill that would institute required drug testing for recipients of unemployment benefits. Both bills have Governor Rick Perry’s support.


Hopefully this new Texas drug test bill will help welfare recipients, when needed, get help and motivation to find lasting sobriety. And at DATCS, we are here to help Texas as well. Whenever you need Texas drug testing, come to DATCS. Our staff is trained and dependable. We have access to a vast database of collection sites, and we are on call 24/7 for all companies that require a Texas drug test or alcohol test.

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