D.A.T.C.S. is Proud to Provide Accurate DNA Testing in Texas

Sep 10, 2013

Since 1989, D.A.T.C.S. has been providing accurate, quality-controlled DNA testing in Texas. Our DNA services are invaluable in paternity tests, genetic inheritance, twin zygosity, siblingship tests and much, much more. DNA testing is also indispensable in court cases, and last month, a DNA paternity test led to the reopening of an FBI case that had been closed for almost 50 years.

Every child has probably, at one time or another, yelled in anger “You’re not my real parents!” And usually, this is just a normal part of growing up. But for Paul Fronczak, it turned out to be true. In 1964, newborn Paul Fronczak was kidnapped from a Chicago hospital. 14 months later, an abandoned baby in New Jersey was found that resembled Paul. The baby was returned to joyful parents, Chester and Dora Fronczak, and life seemed to return to normal.

However, as the years went by, Paul Fronczak couldn’t help wondering why he didn’t look like either of his parents. Earlier this year after his parents took DNA tests, 49 year old Paul received the shocking news that he was not their biological child. The abandoned baby that had been returned to the Fronczaks was not, in fact, their baby, and the story of their son, Paul Fronczak is still unknown.

These DNA test results have led to a reopening of the 1964 kidnapping case. Joan Hyde, a spokesperson for the FBI’s Chicago office, said “It was deemed appropriate to take a fresh look at the evidence that we have and possibly re-interview sources that are still around.” Although the investigation will take time, Paul Fronczak hopes that it will lead to the finding of his parents’ biological child. He also hopes to find his own biological family, and learn his true birthday, nationality and history.

At D.A.T.C.S., we are proud to offer services like DNA testing in Texas, that can lead to more clarity in personal situations and even (as in the case of the Fronczaks) in our national justice system. Whether you need DNA testing for your business or personal reasons, call D.A.T.C.S. We offer accurate DNA testing in Texas. DNA testing results are admissible in court, administered by trained professionals, and in some cases, are even available within 3 to 5 business days. For more information about DNA testing in Texas, call us toll-free at 1-888-201-0242.


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