Synthetic Drugs Point Out Increased Need for Drug Testing Tyler TX Services

Sep 6, 2013


When most people hear the word “marijuana”, they picture secret gardens hidden deep in the woods, planted by growers worried that their illegal farm will be spotted by police aircraft.  One image that usually doesn’t come to mind is that of a chemist mixing a batch of compounds in a lab somewhere.  But that’s exactly where the future of illegal cannabis use is headed, thanks to the growing problem of synthetic drugs.  The increasing use of these harmful substances is just one reason why drug testing Tyler TX services are more important than ever.


Synthetic Drugs: A Prescription for Tragedy

Earlier this year, a tragic accident occurred in Pennsylvania when a driver who had just used a form of synthetic cannabis lost control of his car.  The speeding vehicle flew over a median strip, killing a pair of innocent people who were driving on an adjoining road.  As this article points out, the product that the intoxicated driver was using has been sold legally for years as an herbal concoction.  It’s just one of many similar drugs sold under names like “Spice,” “Potpourri,” “K2,” and “Smoke.”


Makers of these substances were able to fly under the radar of law enforcement for years by claiming that the products were made from legal herbs.  These claims were proven false in 2008, however, when studies showed that they were actually laced with man-made cannabinoids.  That’s the scientific term for substances that have the same effect as THC, the active ingredient in marijuana.  Fortunately, use of these products can be easily detected by drug testing Tyler TX procedures.


Through loopholes in drug laws, manufacturers of these so-called “designer drugs” were able to avoid the reach of law enforcement agencies for years.  This changed last year with the passage of the Synthetic Drug Abuse Prevention Act of 2012.  It placed these artificial forms of cannabis under the jurisdiction of the federal government, as defined by the Controlled Substances Act of 1970.  In addition, many states across the country have passed their own laws banning the sale or possession of these products.


While these laws are a good start to controlling the synthetic drug problem, they can’t prevent people from using these substances illegally.  That’s why our drug testing Tyler TX services remain an important part of protecting your company or agency from the harm caused by drug abuse.  Contact us today to set up an effective drug screening program of your own.

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