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Find The Answers You Seek Through DNA Testing in Texas

by | Jul 30, 2013 | DNA Testing Texas, Genetic DNA Testing Texas | 0 comments

Anybody that watches TV and one of the numerous shows about law enforcement and the cases police detectives work on is familiar with DNA testing or profiling. DNA testing is a test conducted by scientists to assist in the positive identification of individuals by their unique DNA Profile. DNA testing was first introduced in 1994 by a professor at the University of Leicester in England. DNA testing is also performed to identify potential matches of parents and children.

DNA testing in Texas is performed by the professionals at DATCS in Longview and Tyler. Our experience dates back to the mid 90’s when Connie Hagen was first hired by a Houston company to create a drug testing facility in Longview. Determined to offer the best and professional service possible, Connie has continued to establish benchmarks for achieving outstanding results for all of her clients. What started out as a company just offering drug testing now includes DNA testing in Texas.

Tests are conducted for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common reasons for tests are because court ordered it to establish paternity or to identify a DNA sample found at places such as crime scenes. DNA testing in Texas most commonly is performed by collecting a buccal swab of the subject. This is the preferred method since it reduces the chance of contamination. Other methods can also be used.DNA testing in Texas is widely accepted by courts of law to establish identity. All 50 states have laws that deal with DNA testing.

While the most commonly known reason for a DNA Test is to identify a crime suspect, many individuals desire to have DNA testing performed to establish parentage, familial relationships, or to learn more about one’s ancestry. Through these type of tests you can learn more about your genetic background, where your family most likely has its roots, and can give you a link to one of over 400 populations from around the world. For families and individuals who have questions about their roots, their family history or generally want to know more about their ancestry this type of DNA testing in Texas will help give you answers.

DATCS has a nationwide network of collection sites our clients can go to. Your sample is transported safely to our testing facility and all results are kept in the strictest confidence and will only be released to our client or their authorized representative. We take your privacy very serious and none of your personal information is ever released to the public or sold to a third party. Drug and Alcohol Test Compliance service is your premier partner for DNA testing in Texas. When you want the answers you seek, contact us to help you.

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