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Olympic hopefuls doped up?! Find out who was caught…

by | Jul 30, 2012 | Drug Testing Texas, Parent Zone | 0 comments

by Rachel on July 27, 2012

CNN news has confirmed that the International Association of Athletics Federations knows of at least 9 athletes that have tested positive for illegal drug use. Among the suspensions, bans and further investigations, Olympic bronze medalist Nataliya Tobias was stripped of her medal. What causes athletes to risk not being able to compete or even worse, being stripped of their medals from the Olympics?

Cheating is strictly prohibited and addressed immediately through disqualification if an athlete is found guilty. It seems that these athletes feel that an untouchable athletic ability may translate into a belief system that says “win at any cost.” Unfortunately, the cost of cheating in the Olympics causes much more devastation than a clean loss.

Who Was Caught?

  1. Nataliya Tobias – Ukraine
  2. Abderrahim Goumri – Morocco
  3. Irini Kokkinariou – Greece
  4. Meryem Erdogan – Turkey
  5. Svetlana Klyuka –Russia
  6. Nailiya Yulamanova – Russia
  7. Yevgenina Zinurova – Russia
  8. Antonina Yefremova –Ukraine
  9. Inna Eftimova – Bulgaria

This is a huge blow and embarrassment for these countries; however, I can’t help but think about the athletes themselves and what pain they must feel from the realization of their behaviors. They will always have the stigma of attempting to cheat the system attached to their athletic careers. No news has been disclosed if any of these athletes will be competing in the London 2012 Olympics.

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