The Danger of Bath Salts

Jan 26, 2012


When it comes to designer drugs (a drug or drugs slightly altered chemically in order to evade
drug restriction laws), bath salts are some of the most dangerous. In fact, in many ways
bath salts exemplify every aspect that makes designer drugs so threatening both literally and
figuratively. They started gaining wide popularity in 2009 and were sold by a large number
of manufacturers. Other than being sold in head shops, they have also been sold in some
connivance stores and on several websites. Depending of which part of the country, Bath Salts
have been reported as either flying off the shelves or generally sold under the counter. Both
makes since because Bath Salts were labeled a product “Not to be sold to persons under the
age of 18”.

The Chemicals of Bath Salts

Mephedrone and MDPX are the two main chemical compounds found in bath salts. They are synthetic derivatives of cathinone, a naturally occurring central nervous system stimulant.

Mephedrone is an organic chemical manufactured outside the United States. It comes in
either tablets or powder which users can snort, swallow, or put into a solution and inject.
Mephedrone has an off-white or yellowish color. It looks like what crack cocaine would look like
if it were broken down to a more powder from.

MDPV (Methylendioxypyrovaleron) sometimes looks like a fine white or off-white powder.
MDPV looks whiter than mephedrone and it almost identically looks like cocaine or powdered

These chemicals are being shipped to the U.S. and mixed with inorganic salts to make the
product known as Bath Salts.

Physical Dangers

Like other Central Nervous System stimulates Bath Salts tend to increase blood pressure, heart
rate, and respiration, but they can also cause chest pain, heart attack, and sometimes even
stroke. Nosebleeds, sweating, nausea, and vomiting are all some of the physical symptoms
associated with bath salts.

Psychological Dangers

Perhaps one of the most dangerous aspects of Baths Salts is their ability to have severe
psychological consequences. In fact, there have been many instances where users have
committed suicide due to the affects Bath Salts have on the mind. Some common psychological
side effects include paranoia, delusions, hallucinations, depression, suicidal thoughts, and panic
attacks. Delusions and hallucinations are some side effects that makes Bath Salts so dangerous
not only to it’s users, but to anyone around. One of the main problems with designer drugs in
general is the fact that there haven’t been any official clinical trials on the long term effects of
abuse. Luckily, the DEA decided to fight fire with fire. They executed a final order that makes
the selling or possessing the chemical of baths salts illegal. So, instead of having an illegal drug,
you have a drug with illegal chemicals.

Warning Signs

Like other drugs that are snorted, consistent sniffing or redness around the nose are good
indicators of abuse. Also, because it is closely related to the amphetamine family, rapid speech,
disorganized thinking, and constant movement are also some of the signs of abuse.