How Can I Protect My Family?

Jan 6, 2012

In the end, parents are the CEOs of their home. If your family is currently in crisis or you have strong suspicions, there are a number of ways to safeguard your home. This may include tracking credit card statements, screening packages that come to the home, and even tracking Internet browsing histories. If you are in a desperate situation, don’t feel bad about doing what is necessary in your child’s best interest. That being said, the best way to prevent drug use is to establish a culture in your home that preserves both safety and dignity.

Parents need to clear about the expectations they have regarding drug use. It’s equally important to withhold judgment so that children won’t be discouraged to communicate with you in times of need. The best parenting styles for drug prevention are authoritative, meaning that parents are emotionally available and compassionate, while holding firm boundaries and expectations.

All of us are blinded by the love we have for our children and no one is consistently an objective observer of themselves and their families. If you have any concerns, pediatricians, mental health professionals, substance abuse counselors, and school resources can all point the way to effective screening and evaluation.