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Phoenix® 6.0BT Evidential Workplace Breath Alcohol Tester

Lifeloc Technologies manufactures the most advanced Evidential Breath Tester (EBT) on the market for DOT and non-DOT alcohol testing. Our 1" diameter platinum fuel cell is warrantied for the life of your instrument.

The Phoenix 6.0BT includes our signature EasyMode™ compliance software, our PermAffix™ Labeling System and Bluetooth wireless communication for unparalleled testing mobility, productivity and ease of use. No other evidential breath tester is easier to use, more accurate or reliable.

EasyMode software effortlessly guides users through the DOT testing protocol ensuring compliance and valid breath alcohol test results. Secure wireless connectivity between the printer and the Phoenix 6.0BT make testing easy inside or on the road. The PermAffix Labeling System eliminates the cost and hassle of security tape with tamper evident self-adhesive labels perfectly sized to fit the DOT Alcohol Test Forms. Our archival quality ATF labels are always crisp and clear allowing test results to be reliably copied, faxed or scanned.

When used with the optional EASYCAL® automatic calibration station, the Phoenix 6.0BT provides for automatic instrument calibration and cal-checking, record retention and gas management.

Click here to see the features:
  • DOT/NHTSA approved for evidential testing
  • Fastest response and recovery times
  • EasyMode compliance software
  • PermAffix tamper evident ATF printer
  • Anti-microbial instrument housing
  • Automatic, Manual and Passive sample modes
  • Calibration reminders and lockout features
  • Automatic air blank
  • Onboard barometric pressure sensor for easy calibration
  • Manual or automatic (Using EASYCAL®) calibration, cal-checks and gas management
  • 1" platinum fuel cell with lifetime warranty*
  • Secure wireless printer and/or keyboard options
  • Watertight, dustproof, chemical resistant carrying case
  • Optional computer interface and remote diagnostics using AlcoMark®
  • 2 year deluxe warranty
  • No docking station required
  • Made in USA


EV30T Kit

EV30 Kit, Includes EV30 Breath Alcohol Tester, Thermal Printer, Printer Charger, Printer Cable, 1 roll Thermalast Printer Paper, Carrying Case, 4 AA batteries, 10 Mouthpieces, Operations Manual, Calibration Adapter, Wrist Strap, and 1 Year Deluxe Warranty.
Convenient and affordable, the EV30 Kit promises to make workplace alcohol testing a snap. The kit pairs an EV30 evidential breath alcohol tester with our fast and compact thermal printer for fast, accurate testing results.

Click here to see the features:
  • DOT/NHTSA approved
  • Three Testing Modes: Automatic, Manual and Passive Testing
  • Automatic Air Blank required for DOT evidential testing
  • Easy to Understand User Prompts
  • Fully Automated Operation, simply attach a mouthpiece and the unit is ready to test
  • Automatic, Manual and Passive sample modes
  • Calibration Reminders and Lockout Features make following DOT protocols simple
  • Long Battery Life
  • 250 Test Memory
  • Computer Interface and Remote Diagnostics Using AlcoMark®

Kit includes: EV30 Evidential Breath Alcohol Tester, Compact Thermal Printer, Printer Charger, 1 Roll Thermalast Paper, 10 EasyTab™ Mouthpieces, User Manual, Calibration Adapter, Wrist Strap, 4 AA Batteries, 1 Year Deluxe Warranty, and Carrying Case.

Tamper evident tape for placing results on EV-30 NOT included (see item info/pricing below)


EasyTab Mouthpiece, 100/pkg

Lifeloc®s patented mouthpiece design is the gold standard for operator safety and hygiene. The EasyTab® provides an ejectable trigger ensuring that the operator never touches the "wet end" of the mouthpiece. Easy to use, simply push the trigger to detach the mouthpiece after finishing a breath test. As an additional safeguard, the mouthpiece channels the breath flow away from the operator. EasyTab® Mouthpieces are used with the following Lifeloc breath alcohol testers: FC10, FC10Plus, FC20, FC20BT, EV30, Phoenix 6.0, Phoenix 6.0BT.


PermAffix Labels, 1/pk

For use with Lifeloc's Phoenix 6.0 PermAffix or Phoenix 6.0BT printer. Our PermAffix labels are sized to fit DOT and non-DOT 3 part alcohol testing forms. PermAffix labels uses a special adhesive and label material to ensure tamper evident performance. Each label, also incorporates safety slits on all four corners to provide an extra layer of protection. Approximately 140 labels per roll.

Alco-Screen Saliva Alcohol Test - DOT Approved

Perfect for workplace zero tolerance alcohol testing, the Alco-Screen DOT approved saliva tester is fast, cost effective and minimally invasive. The saliva alcohol tester detects for the presence of alcohol at 0.02 or greater blood alcohol concentration. Testing is simple, place the alcohol strip on the tongue to saturate the testing pad. If a line appears after 4 minutes, this is an indication of a posivite screening result of a 0.02 or greater alcohol concentration.

The 0.02 DOT Screening approved Alco-Screens are sold in boxes of 24 individually wrapped test strips.

Ev-30 Tamper Evident Tape (Red/Yellow)

Used for securing printed test results to DOT or non-DOT forms and for sealing urine collection cups. Lifeloc's tamper evident tape is guaranteed. Not removable without fracturing and showing signs of tampering.
Size: 0.5" x 108' | Color: Red or Yellow | Quantity: 2 Rolls/Box

Thermalast Thermal Paper (4PK)

Thermalast thermal imaging paper is laboratory tested to maintain image quality up to 7 years in normal office conditions... up to 2 years longer than required by DOT regulation. Thermalast is coated on the front and the back for image sharpness and durability. Unlike the inexpensive receipt and fax paper, Thermalast will not fade or darken when stored or exposed to long term office conditions.
4 rolls per pack.


Click on the link to open the Catalogue: 2019 Product Catalogue

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