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Pre-Employment Drug Tests

Secure Your Workplace with Pre-Employment Drug Screening

In the 2020 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration revealed that 1 in 5 Americans used illicit drugs in the past year. 

The study additionally revealed that over half of all Americans consumed alcohol in the previous month. 

The National Safety Counsel found that employees with drug or alcohol addiction miss an average of 25 days a year, and the Occupational Health & Safety Administration found that 65% of workplace accidents and 50% of worker’s compensation claims are caused by substance abuse.

With those numbers, keeping drugs out of the workplace makes fiscal sense. Pre-employment drug testing can help you screen potential applicants for a history of drug use, allowing you to make informed decisions when hiring.

DATCS can help your company provide drug screening that adheres to all state and federal laws. Contact us today to learn how we can help you protect your business and your employees.

Why Develop a Pre-Employment Drug Screening Program?

Safer Workplaces

Drugs and alcohol have an outsized effect on workplace safety. The majority of workplace accidents involve drugs and alcohol. Screening job candidates can help protect you from those costs. 

Healthier Employees

Employees who abuse alcohol or illicit drugs are less productive and take more sick days than employees who don’t. Ensuring you’re hiring a team that doesn’t abuse substances can ensure that you hire a healthy, productive team. 

Reduced Turnover

Since their performance is below average, employees with substance abuse disorder very likely won’t last very long. Attracting, hiring, and training new employees takes both time and money to do properly. 

Drug Testing at DATCS

DATCS offers a suite of drug tests that can provide both short-term and long-term detection windows based on the needs of your company. 

Urine Testing

Urine drug tests are the most commonly used for pre-employment and ongoing workplace drug screening. They’re effective for 5-10 days for most substances and longer for marijuana, the most commonly used illicit drug in the United States. 

Hair Testing

Hair testing provides a 3-month long detection window, enabling you to get a sense of a candidate’s long-term use of illicit substances. For security-sensitive roles, hair testing is a vital tool during the hiring process. 

Saliva Testing

Saliva testing offers a short detection window, but it’s one of the most sensitive tests available and detects trace amounts of substances where other testing methods would provide a false negative. 

Fingernail Testing

Fingernail drug testing offers the longest detection window currently possible with modern methods. A nail test can detect substance use for up to 6 months, giving you deep insight into an applicant’s long-term habits.

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Other Workplace Drug Testing Programs

In addition to helping you devise and implement a pre-employment drug screening program, DATCS can also help you devise an effective, efficient workplace drug testing program that allows you to remain vigilant. 

Random Drug Tests

Random drug screening is an excellent deterrent to ensure your employees aren’t using alcohol or illicit drugs. DATCS can help you devise a random screening program that adheres to all state and federal guidelines for your industry. 

Return-to-Duty Drug Tests

RTD tests are given when an employee returns to work after extended leave, sick time, or after being rehired. It ensures the employee is remaining drug and alcohol-free while allowing them to return to their duties. 

Periodic Drug Tests

Periodic drug screens are given at regular intervals to ensure that employees aren’t violating the company’s drug and alcohol policy. DATCS can help you determine if periodic drug testing is right for your business. 

Post-Accident Drug Tests

A lot of industries require post-accident drug screening. These tests can help you limit the company’s liability, lower your number of insurance claims, and protect your business. DATCS offers a suite of testing services for effective and efficient post-accident testing.

Reasonable Suspicion Drug Tests

If you have reason to believe an employee is using drugs or alcohol in violation of your company’s policy, reasonable suspicion drug screening can help you identify it so that they can get the help they need.

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Developing a Workplace Drug Testing Program

Developing a drug testing program, whether you’re screening applicants, current employees, or both, can be difficult. There are maybe state and federal regulations guiding how you administer your program, and it can be difficult to determine what will work best for you.

DATCS provides consulting services to help businesses, schools, and other organizations develop an effective, efficient drug testing program. We work side-by-side with our clients to design and implement the right program for your needs. 

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Drug Testing Certification Courses at DATCS

For some larger companies, it may be more cost-effective to have in-house employees trained in sample collection and transfer. For some industries, there may be regulations requiring some amount of training for employees and supervisors.

DATCS offers a range of drug testing certification classes that can help you and your employees meet the needs of your company.

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Dedicated to Creating Safer Workspaces

We’re committed to helping companies, schools, and other organizations improve safety outcomes through pre-employment and ongoing drug testing. Contact us today to let us help you find the right solution for your drug screening needs. 

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