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Pre-Employment Background Checks

Save Time, Money, and Headaches with Pre-Employment Screening at DATCS

Finding the right people for your business is hard, especially if you’re a small business. 

It’s also risky.

If you hire the wrong person, you may just get stuck with an underperforming employee. You may also hire someone that drags down the employees around them and, even worse, endangers you and your business.

You can improve your odds with a thorough pre-employment background check from DATCS.

We offer a suite of background check services that will help you identify the right–and wrong–candidates.

Pre-Employment Screening Services From DATCS

Candidate Identity Verification Services

DATCS provides initial identity screening that will ensure your candidate is who they say they are. This will ensure that their name, social security number, and date of birth are all accurate. This will also ensure that your candidate has a right to work in the United States.

DATCS can use traditional credit reporting or INS/SSA DHS Identity Check to provide you with the identity verification that you need. 

Criminal Records Check

Ensuring that you, your employees, and your business is safe is your top priority as a manager or business owner. A criminal records check will ensure that you’re able to screen any candidate that may endanger your business.

DATCS provides federal, state, and county criminal background checks. We’ll find any convictions from your candidate’s past, including traffic, domestic, civil, and criminal cases.

Background Employment History Check

Determining that your candidate has been truthful about their work history is a vital step to any pre-screening for employment. An employment history check will verify their work history and the companies they worked for while providing you peace of mind.

An employment history check from DATCS will provide a chronological list of previous employers, the person’s job title, and other vital information that will confirm your candidate’s previous employment. 

Education Verification Check

A potential employee’s education can serve as a baseline for understanding their skills. This makes it essential to confirm their educational history and qualifications prior to employment. 

An education verification report from DATCS will include:

  • Confirmation of the highest degree they’ve been awarded
  • Dates of attendance & Graduation
  • Major course of study and degree (if awarded)
  • GPA
  • Any special achievements or awards

Driving Records Check

If your employee will be driving a company vehicle or otherwise involved with commercial driving, you should perform a driving records check. Some industries and regulatory agencies require them. 

DATCS works with regulatory agencies, and federal, state, and local governments to ensure we’re able to provide targeted motor vehicle records checks for our clients, no matter what industry they’re in.

Employment Credit Checks

A credit check can verify a candidate’s identity while giving you some insight into their finances and how they handle responsibility. While it’s not directly related to their employment history, a lot of companies choose to use an employment credit check in their hiring process. 

DATCS can provide credit checks that will give you the insight that you need into potential candidates. These inquiries won’t have an effect on their credit but can make the hiring process simpler for you.

The Benefits of Pre-Employment Background Checks

Get Better Candidates

Pre-employment screening can help you identify good and bad candidates for your business. Background checks can help you determine if a candidate had been truthful on their resume while verifying their work history and other vital information at the same time. 

Keep Your Workplace Safe

A bad hire or someone with criminal history can endager you, your customers, and your employees. Knowing a potential employee’s criminal history, education, and work experience can help you make the right hiring decision. 

Reduce Liability

A bad hire can mean insurance claims or lawsuits. A pre-employment background check will ensure that you’re hiring candidates who are safe and qualified to work at your business and with your customers. 

Limit Turnover

Hiring and operating under the capacity for your business is expensive. Nothing is more frustrating than completing a hire and then turning right around to hire for the same position again. Pre-employment checks can help limit that turnover.

Pre-Employment & Ongoing Drug Screens Will Improve Workplace Safety

Background checks can improve your hiring process while preventing turnover and securing your business. Pre-employment drug testing and an ongoing drug screening process can improve those outcomes even more.

DATCS helps companies large and small implement a drug screening program that helps identify at-risk employees, limit liability claims, and improve work performance. We work side-by-side to develop the testing and reporting method that meets your needs.

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