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Drug Testing in Plainview, TX

Get Reliable Drug Tests with Fast Results

Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to efficiency with DATCS. With over 30 years of expertise in drug and alcohol testing, we guarantee pinpoint accuracy, lightning-fast results, and ironclad privacy. Don’t settle for less.

Choose spectacular service, rapid results, and accurate answers. Ready for a seamless testing experience? Learn more and elevate your standards today with DATCS.

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DOT Compliance

Ensure your fleet operates within the bounds of safety and legality with our Department of Transportation (DOT) compliant drug and alcohol testing services in the Plainview area.

Pre-Employment Drug Testing

Trust our expert team to provide you with accurate, confidential, and timely testing results, ensuring you make informed hiring decisions that safeguard your business’s future.

Alcohol Testing

Ensure the safety and well-being of your workplace with our precise and reliable alcohol testing services, designed to support a healthy, productive, and responsible environment.

School Drug Testing

Uphold a safe and focused educational environment with our random drug testing services for schools, a proven deterrent against substance abuse among students.

Background Checks

Secure your company’s future and ensure a trustworthy team by choosing our comprehensive background checks in Plainview, Texas—your first step towards a safer, more reliable workforce.

Drug Test Training Courses

Elevate your professional expertise with our diverse range of drug and alcohol test certifications in Plainview, Texas. Join us and become a certified professional in the ever-important field of drug and alcohol testing, contributing to safer and healthier communities.

DNA Testing

Discover certainty and clarity with our comprehensive DNA testing services, offering everything from paternal and maternal DNA testing to specialized immigration DNA testing.

24/7 Testing

Day or night, our 24/7 drug and alcohol testing services in Lubbock are always available, ensuring that your safety and compliance needs are met promptly, anytime you need.

Saliva Testing

Get a quick and comfortable way to ensure safety with accurate and rapid saliva testing. The saliva testing in Plainview is convenient and non-invasive.

Court-Ordered Drug Testing

For court-ordered drug testing, quick and precise results are essential; our services include hair, urine, fingernail, and saliva testing to meet these requirements.

Nail & Hair Drug Testing

Hair drug testing is a non-invasive approach and is utilized for employees, students, and children.

Keep The Roads Safe with Drug and Alcohol Testing in Plainview, TX

FMC, FTA, PHMSA & Safe Roads

Navigating the complexities of federal regulations can be challenging, but ensuring the safety of the public and your workforce is paramount. For businesses operating under the Federal Motor Carriers (FMC), Federal Transit Administration (FTA), and Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Administration (PHMSA), drug and alcohol testing isn’t just a recommendation—it’s a stringent requirement.

Why Is It Important?

The rationale behind stringent drug and alcohol testing in Plainview is clear– safety.

Whether it’s the safe delivery of passengers, the secure transportation of goods, or the responsible handling of hazardous materials, these tests play a crucial role.

They ensure that the individuals entrusted with these responsibilities are fully capable and clear-headed. In doing so, they protect not only the employees and their companies but also the broader public and the environment.

At DATCS, we understand the weight of these responsibilities. Our drug and alcohol testing services are designed to help you navigate federal regulations with ease and confidence. Let us help you in ensuring that safety and compliance are the cornerstones of your operations.

Call Us: (903) 234-1136

Drug Testing in Plainview, TX

For personalized support, swift service, and dependable results in Plainview, TX, choose DATCS for your drug testing needs.

We’re not just a testing facility; we’re your partners in creating a secure and efficient workplace.

Get in touch with DATCS in Plainview today — we’re committed to assisting you because your assurance is our top concern.

Call Us: (903) 234-1136

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