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24/7 Emergency Line: 903-247-9546

Drug & Alcohol Testing When and Where you need us.

Did you know in some cases after an accident you only have eight hours to perform an alcohol test and as little as thirty-six hours to perform a drug test?
Good thing DATCS provides 24/7 drug and alcohol testing nationwide.

Are You In The Clear

Drivers, Employers, and Service Agents are required to use the clearinghouse. DATCS has over 30 years of experience in implementing workplace programs, and can help you with Clearinghouse requirements.

School Testing

DATCS currently administers drug testing programs in hundreds of schools nationwide, with that number increasing regularly. The exposure rate of students is steadily growing on campuses, with Drug and Alcohol testing being a proven deterrent.

Background Checks

Why should you pic DATCS for your backgrounds?

  • Accuracy Matters
  • Customer Satisfaction Matters
  • Compliance Matters

What’s right for your business?

DNA Testing

DATCS offers various types of DNA testing, with collection sites throughout the United States. DNA results are reliable, court-admissible, and affordable.


DATCS’ highly qualified trainers lead professional courses, including Supervisor, Designated Employee Representative (DER), Urine Collection, Breath Alcohol, and more. DATCS’ Master Collector Training is the only one of its kind in the U.S.


DATCS’ highly qualified trainers lead professional courses including, Supervisor, Designated Employee Representative (DER), Urine Collection, Breath Alcohol, and more. DATCS’ Master Collector Training is the only one of its kind in the U.S. All DATCS clients receive free DER training.

DOT Compliance

We offer various DOT compliance services, including registration, drug testing, and training. Read More

Drug Testing

Protect your workplace, school, and community with reliable drug testing. Read More

Alcohol Testing

Ensure safety and foster responsibility with our precision alcohol testing solutions—your first step towards a safer, more accountable environment. Read More

DNA Testing

We offer DNA testing to verify paternity, siblingship, infidelity, ancestry, and more. Read More

Saliva Testing

Empower your commitment to safety and wellness with our non-invasive saliva testing kits for accurate, swift, and discreet drug and alcohol screening. Read More

24/7 Mobile Testing

DATCS provides nationwide drug and alcohol testing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Read More

Nail and Hair Testing

Hair drug testing is a non-invasive method used on employees, students, and children. Read More

School Testing

We take drug abuse among students very seriously. We’ll help keep your school safe. Read More

Background Checks

Understanding an applicant’s background is a crucial part of the screening process. Read More

Court Ordered Drug Testing

We perform thousands of court-ordered drug tests each year: hair, urine, fingernail, and saliva. Read More

Training Courses

At DATCS, we can teach your staff to administer testing with compliance and professionalism. Read More

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At Drug and Alcohol Testing Compliance Services (DATCS), we improve work and school environments through drug testing, alcohol testing, DNA testing, and more, promoting safety, compliance, and wellbeing.

We provide timely, accurate, and affordable test results along with expert training to help our clients understand and make smart decisions about the results of drug, alcohol and DNA tests.

DATCS helps businesses and schools nationwide improve compliance and safety through fast and accurate drug & alcohol testing services, background screening, DNA testing, and other related services. We’re located in Longview, TX, and have testing collection sites across the United States.


I have been a DER for 5 years and DATCS has provided me with the absolute best customer service. The staff is friendly and ready to help with all my compliance needs from drug and alcohol testing to DOT. Brandi Jordon answers all my questions in a very timely manner and is a joy to work with.

– Raymond Lee 


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