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Lubbock Region

Lubbock Drug, Alcohol, DOT, and DNA Testing

Providing professional and trusted testing services throughout the Lubbock area, DATCS has been a partner in education and business, including Plainview, Levelland, and the surrounding areas. With fully mobile capacity, we can offer 24/7 and emergency testing services near Lubbock, designed to meet the needs of your business, school, organization, or institution.

Drug Screening and Testing:  Hair, fluid, nail, and blood testing services can all be provided to fit each of the individual needs of our clients. Drug screening has been an important piece in developing plans to keep employees safe and businesses operating effectively and efficiently. Our drug testing programs can be tailored to provide emergency and mobile testing to fit the individual needs of your business.

Alcohol Testing Services:  Among the largest safety concerns for any business or institution is the impact of alcohol on a safe workplace environment. Alcohol is one of the leading contributors to workplace injury and incidents. We will work together to devise the right alcohol testing program through a variety of breath and saliva testing programs in Lubbock. 

Onsite Testing:  Oftentimes your needs are immediate, emergency, and onsite. DATCS can provide 24/7 testing services at your place of business to handle these needs. We can also set up testing locations throughout Lubbock as needed to help enforce workplace safety and meet testing requirements. Our extensive list capacity includes DOT, alcohol, and non-regulated drug related testing as well as additional services including DNA and custom testing programs.

Additional Services:  DATCS is more than just drug and alcohol testing. We can provide court ordered DNA testing, DOT specific testing, emergency services, as well as training and support for your employees. Keeping your employees safe is more than just a testing program. Education and training can be key pieces in creating a dynamic plan for your business or institution and we are here to be your partner.

Services We Offer

Drug & Alcohol Testing 

Get peace of mind with our urine, hair, nail, saliva, and breath testing in Lubbock.

24/7 Onsite Testing 

24/7 mobile testing in Lubbock for onsite, non-emergency, and emergency situations.

Background Checks

Criminal and DOT background checks near Lubbock.

DNA Testing

Get testing you can trust. We offer court admissible and informational DNA testing.

Court-Ordered Testing 

Ensure your testing is 100% accurate. DATCS offers testing for divorces, child custody, DUI, and other reasons.

DOT Compliance 

Secure your company’s adherence to DOT regulations and safeguard public safety with our meticulous drug testing services, tailored to meet DOT compliance with precision and reliability.

School Testing 

Empower your students in Lubbock with our comprehensive school testing services, fostering a drug-free environment through proactive student testing and enlightening drug education programs.

Training Courses 

Become a certified collector and learn how to administer drug testing effectively. Supervisor, DER and Collector training.

Nail & Hair

Utilizing hair samples, drug testing is performed in a non-invasive manner on employees, students, and children.


Saliva tests are simple and effective. They are designed for quick-non-invasive and accurate drug screening solutions.


When courts order drug testing, they need fast and accurate results. We offer hair, urine, fingernail, and saliva testing for Court Ordered Drug Testing.


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