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Drug Testing In Texarkana AR: The ABCs Of Employer Drug Testing

Drug Testing Texarkana AR Every day in this country, employees show up at their place of work suffering from an impairment of some kind because of drug or alcohol abuse.  For that reason, employer drug testing in Texarkana AR has become such an important tool for businesses.  Not only are many employers in the U.S. using drug testing for their employees and potential employees, they’re also implementing clear written policies that outline the kinds of behavior they expect from their employees and how they’ll go about making sure that their employees aren’t abusing drugs or alcohol. Drug testing in Texarkana AR is important for many reasons including: ➤  It deters employees from abusing drugs or alcohol. ➤  It keeps employers from hiring new employees who are substance abusers ➤  It allows employers to provide a safe workplace for their employees and protects the general public. ➤  It lets employers identify employees who have substance...
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DATCS Drug Testing Texarkana AR: The Necessary Step To Protect Your Business

Drug Testing Texarkana AR As a business owner it is your responsibility to know who you have employed. With DATCS and our Drug Testing Texarkana AR services we can help protect your business, customers and other employees. If you don’t already have a testing policy enforced, we can help plan and implement one today. These types of policies set a precedence for not only your current employees, but also future ones while weeding out potential problems. Having an employee who uses drugs can be a risk to everyone they are around, including your business. Take charge and start preventing unnecessary risks to your business with employee Drug Testing Texarkana AR.  To get started call your experts at DATCS today at 903-500-2770. [osky-citation keyword='Drug Testing Texarkana AR'] Photo Credit:  © cozyta
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Drug Testing Texarkana AR: Have a Great Policy in Place

Drug testing Texarkana ARWhen you own or manage a company, you need to have a great policy in place for all your drug testing needs.  It needs to be in a written form so that potential and current employees know how things will be handled when it comes to drug testing in Texarkana AR.  This needs to include provisions for all types of instances including pre-employment, accident testing, just cause testing and back to work testing.  If you need help getting a policy in place, DATCS can help you formulate that and also help with the testing.   Call us today to get more information and let us help you make your business more solid by having a policy in place that covers all bases.  Our phone number is (318) 678-5568. [osky-citation keyword= 'Drug Testing Texarkana AR']Photo Credit: Deposit Photos @ A m a v i a e l
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Drug Testing In Texarkana AR: Why Your Business Needs A Testing Policy

Drug testing  Texarkana ARUnless your business falls under the U.S. Department of Transportation, there is no federal mandate for drug testing for your business.  That’s why it’s extremely important for you to set up a drug- and alcohol-testing policy for your employees.  AT DATCS, Drug and Alcohol Testing Compliance Services, we not only do drug testing in Texarkana AR, we can also help you to develop a drug- and alcohol-testing policy that will protect you and your business. Why implement a testing policy?   Having a written policy in place means consistent treatment of all employees, which can eliminate or reduce any litigation you might be subject to if an employee feels they’ve been singled out for drug or alcohol testing or if they feel they’ve been unfairly terminated because of a failed drug test.   A drug- and alcohol-testing policy also encourages your employees to remain drug-free, which creates a safer workplace for your customers...
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